Nicole Brazzle & Courtney Simpson Interview

by Ray | March 15th, 2005

Ray posts: Nicole Brazzle and Courtney Simpson hit the Britney Rears party dressed as trashy schoolgirls. And by “hit the party” I mean they practically took the motherfucker over.

Which is good.

I mean, what’s a party without hot teen sluts prancing around, flashing their tits and having orgasms onstage?

A friend pointed-out that Nicole reminds him of that crazy bitch from HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES — The girl with nutty eyes and the psycho laugh. She’s the kind of girl that scares you, but at the same time gives you a boner.

Know what I mean?

It’s like if you were to walk into a room and find a hot, naked mental patient strapped to a bed. Even tho she was laughing all mental and making weird noises, you would still have no problem fucking her because she was hot, strapped-down and naked. But in the middle of it, you would probably think to yourself “Jesus, I’m fucking a mental patient.”

Anyway… Here’s how the interview went down:

Ray: So… You girls basically took this party over.

Nicole: Yes we did!

Ray: You realize it was technically Britney Rears’ party…

Nicole: Well, I definitely promoted Britney Rears, tho because I love her to DEATH!

Courtney: She’s hot too!

Nicole: Yeah, and I did the orgasm contest and everything. And Courtney Simpson, my girlie, won the contest.

Ray: Brilliant. So what exciting new things do you have in store for this planet? Nicole, I know you’ve always got a million ideas.

Nicole: First of all, I have a new site called which is launching soon. I also have my website, And I also have, an advertising site for girls. And this is my new girl, Courtney Simpson.

Courtney: Hello!

Ray: Hi Courtney… You’ve worked with Thomas at Amateur Allure, haven’t you?

Courtney: Yes I have. That was a website I did [in Arizona] before working with Nicole.

Ray: And how was it?

Courtney: It was fun.

Ray: Was he a nice guy?

Courtney: Yeah… But I definitely like L.A. better!

Nicole: Yeah, well I am representing her. Who do you love, Courtney Simpson?

Courtney: Nicole Brazzle! And everyone else.

Nicole: And nobody else! And she’s HOT! She has only done one scene so far, she’s about to do many, and her first scene was with Max Hardcore!

(Dramatic Pause)

Ray: … Say what?

Courtney: (Laughs) He was nice to me!

Ray: Did you drink his piss?

Courtney: No, not yet. (Laughs)

Ray: Did you barf on his cock?

Courtney: No!

Ray: Oh, come on… How did you escape Chateau Du Max without getting the full Max Faktor treatment? *

Nicole: He spit on her and he was hard on her, tho.

Courtney: Yeah, he was rough with me.

Nicole: But it went really really well.

Ray: Did you drive up there with her?

Nicole: No.

Courtney: I went all by myself.

Ray: Hmm… So Courtney, where did you and Nicole meet, anyway?

Nicole: Guess where we met, Ray?!

Courtney: On an airplane!

Nicole: I was going to Vegas and Courtney Simpson was coming home from Vegas, and I saw her and she was really really hot and she was on the telephone. I said “excuse me, ma’am, may I talk to you?” And I asked her if she would like to do porn. And she goes “yeah!”

Courtney: Yeah! I love sex!

Nicole: And now she’s one of my talents!

Ray: How come that never works for me?

Nicole: What?

Ray: Walking up to random girls in public, asking them if they want to do porn, and them saying yes.

Nicole: (Laughs) Cuz you’re not a hot girl!

Ray: Good point. So now that you’ve fucked Max, what’s next? Meatholes?

Nicole: NO! I will NOT put her in Meatholes. No… No.

Courtney: I’m brand new to the whole industry!

Nicole: I want her to work with New Sensations and Red Light and Vertigo and Cherry Box and Digital Playground and Hustler… Everybody! She’s really hot. And she blew off the handle today! We have been the naughty, sexy schoolgirls and this is what we say: “Love Sex and Stay in School!” Ya’ll have a wonderful night! Bye!

Courtney: We love you all!

* Note to self: Pick-up Max & Courtney’s “European” video.

That’s right.

I still don’t believe she escaped without drinking his piss.

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