Jenna Presley Interview

by Ray | March 22nd, 2006

RAY: When did you turn 18?

JENNA: April first.

RAY: You’re an April fool.

JENNA: Yes I am, biatch. I get shit about that all the time.

RAY: How did you get into porn?

JENNA: I’ve been stripping for a long time. I was stripping when I was in college and I got asked to do porn.

RAY: College?

JENNA: I’ve been stripping since I was fifteen.

RAY: Fifteen?!

JENNA: Yeah. I see you counting your fingers! [Laughs] I stripped in Mexico. I lived in Chula Vista which is in San Diego County.

RAY: So you were an underage Mexican stripper.

JENNA: Yeah sorta. I know… It shocks a lot of people when I tell them that but to me it wasn’t a big deal. I was such a good fucking student and I never went out. All my friends used to go to Tijuana, and one night I went with them. I got drunk for the first time. I walked into a club, but they didn’t want to let me in because I didn’t have I.D. I told them I just want to dance, not knowing it was a strip club. But I never got completely nude. I always wore pants. I just took my top off.

RAY: How long have you been doing porn?

JENNA: Since September of 2005.

RAY: What high school did you go to?

JENNA: Hilltop High School.

RAY: So who approached you to do porn?

JENNA: Lenny & Phil. The owners of Astrux.

RAY: What was your first scene?

JENNA: It was for Shane’s World. It was a boy/girl and I gave a random high school dropout guy a handjob. The boy I did, it was his first scene in the business.

RAY: How young were you when you first had sex?

JENNA: I was sixteen. He was 23. He lived in San Diego. I told my parents he was 18.

RAY: Do your parents know about your career?

JENNA: Of course. I’m very honest with everyone. I don’t think they love it very much, but I’m an adult and they have to deal with it.

RAY: Do they know about your Tijuana days?

JENNA: I told them about all that once I got into porn. They were extremely shocked. I mean, I was a straight-A student! But then I explained to them that I had been stripping since I was fifteen and they were a little more understanding.

RAY: That’s nice. So what’s your goal with porn?

JENNA: To direct & produce. I just signed a non-exclusive contract with Shy Love Productions and Viscious Media to do that. I’m not really doing porn for the fame or anything like that. It’s money and it’s fun.

RAY: So you fancy yourself a director?

JENNA: Yeah. Hopefully I’ll win an award at AVN. For the directing, that is. I love the sex, but I don’t really care about winning awards for that.

RAY: What’s the wildest sex you’ve had on camera?

JENNA: Hmmm… Well, I don’t know if you would call it ‘wild’ or just nasty, but once I didn’t realize this girl was bleeding out her ass… So I sucked this guy’s cock and there was blood all over it. [Laughs] Yuck!

RAY: I just got the chills. What about your personal life? Any hot stories?

JENNA: I’m actually a good girl! People don’t really believe it. But before I went to college, I had only had sex with two people. Then when I went to college, I guess I got a little wild… I had sex with maybe five more people. But I haven’t really done anything super-nasty in my personal life. If you want to see a ‘whore’ then you just have to watch my movies!

RAY: So being a whore is just a character you play?

JENNA: Exactly. But I don’t know if I want people to know that!

RAY: What do you think of your fans?

JENNA: Well, I was recently on MAXIM Radio for Sirius Satellite and with that I’ve built a pretty good fan-base. I got a lot of emails after that show!

RAY: Do you have a website?

JENNA: Yes. It’s

RAY: Do you consider yourself an exhibitionist?

JENNA: Sometimes… If I’m in a relationship, then totally. But if I’m not, then no.

RAY: Are you in a relationship now?

JENNA: I’m not… And you’re cute! [Laughs]

RAY: Thanks. Let’s kick it sometime.

JENNA: How about tomorrow night?

RAY: Hmmm…

JENNA: Jenna’s not a bullshitter.

RAY: Where did you go to college?

JENNA: I started in Santa Barbara. I loved it. It was so much fun. I ended-up going to the city college, then got accepted at NYU, but I had some problems. They wouldn’t take me for a year because they thought I was a risk. I used to have anorexia. Senior year of high school. So after I got accepted, they realized I was in the hospital and decided that I should wait a year before attending. I’m glad that they did, because if they hadn’t I wouldn’t be in porn! Everything happens for a reason.

RAY: Do you ever plan to go back?

JENNA: Yeah, I’ve still got time if they want to take me. But now they might think I’m a potential whore! [Laughs] Just kidding.

RAY: Maybe some nice gentleman on the acceptance board will give you extra points for that.

JENNA: Ugh! They have to take me for my brain. Not my mouth or my cunt.

RAY: Do you like this song?

[The DJ spins ‘Sex (I’m A…)’ by Berlin]

JENNA: I’ve heard it before, but I don’t know who does it. I was born in 1987, how old is this song?

RAY: *sigh* …It came-out in like 1982. I don’t remember it either.

JENNA: [Laughs] Yeah, right!

RAY: Maybe when I turn legal we can go see a movie or something.

JENNA: How about I just molest you and not tell anyone?

RAY: Especially my parents.

JENNA: Okay. I won’t tell them you’re sneaking-out to go to parties with porn girls.

RAY: Thanks.

JENNA: [Laughs] You’re a total pervert… I like you!

RAY: Anything else you want to mention before we make out?

JENNA: Stay tuned to I’m going to direct my first film at Hedonism 3, which is in Jamaica. We’re actually gonna take a bunch of fans with us. So look for information.

RAY: What are these fans going to do?

JENNA: Watch me direct the film… Watch me have sex… Attend parties. It’s gonna be fun!


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