Amber Rayne Interview

by Ray | July 25th, 2006

“I can honestly take a bigger cock in my butt than I can in my pussy.”

AMBER: [Laughs] I’ve been waiting for this interview for three fuckin‚ years!

RAY: And I have no idea where to start… You’re with Goldstar Modeling now.

AMBER: Yes. I’m with Goldstar now and I’m very happy. Joel is a total sweetheart. I loved being a Badass Model, too. I adore Frank, but the whole friendship/business thing didn’t work out. We’re still good friends, which rocks. I could care less if he’s my agent or manager at this point. All that matters is that he’s my friend. I have a fucking heart! What’s my problem? [Laughs]

RAY: Don’t worry… It will blacken with time. Are you the only porn star with a Lord of the Rings tattoo?

AMBER: [Laughs] I hit Comic-Con in San Diego last weekend and I was totally in my element!

RAY: I’ve read good things about you lately. What have been some of your more memorable scenes?

AMBER: God… There are so many. Cream My Crack #2 was fun. I was actually able to squirt in that scene. It was with two guys. I don’t know how it happened. We were doing our thing and suddenly I thought “uh-oh,” and my juice literally shot across the room an hit the camera man. [Laughs] There was a whole bunch of guys standing there and the plan was for them to drop loads in my crack. John Strong was trying to figure out how to shoot it. I said “why don’t you let it all leak down my crack onto a plate and I’ll lick it up?” He looked at me and said “would you actually do that?” I was like “hell yeah!” So he starts running around trying to find a plate. Meanwhile, all these guys are literally lined-up outside. We were shooting in front of this huge bay window, so I had an audience, and when I have an audience, I’m usually off the hook! Another fun shoot was Barbed Wire Kiss for VCA. Sick Boys Need Sick Girls #2‚ that was a crazy shoot, too. The crew was awesome.

RAY: Tell me about your first scene ever.

AMBER: My very first scene ever was with Brandon Iron. We were shooting and there was this window-cleaner guy outside — literally with his face pressed against the window watching us. We were giving him a show, he could have been beating-off for all I know. [Laughs] Eventually, somebody shut the blinds. But I didn’t mind. Like I said, I’m happy when I have an audience. I’m really into exhibitionism and voyeurism. Another time, I shot in Arizona and the set was outside. I was doing solo‚ using toys. There was a lot of walking-around naked in public places. The whole time I was just like “this is fucking cool!” I just shot a BJ scene the other day in a school yard. Afterwards, I just walked around town with cum on my face. [Laughs]

RAY: Joseph from TunaCan Studios in New York wrote: “Amber was a joy to work with, she gave 150%, and clearly cared very much about giving a great scene. She never complained, never gave any problems, and was one of the extreme few who never touched any kind of drug or booze while being out here with us.”

AMBER: I love working for those guys. I just adore them. I did a scene for them with Haley Paige, and I squirted so intensely… They literally had to mop-up the floor afterwards. I was on the back of a quad motorbike. Suddenly out of nowhere, they bring out the “drill-do.”  My body went crazy. I already had a vibrator in my hand. I don’t know what happened, but it was broken by the end of the shoot. In another scene with Laurie-Ann Summers, we used a double-headed dildo. I literally had the dildo balls-deep in my throat.

RAY: Richard Average of Lurid HD Entertainment wrote: “Amber Rayne – Great Performer. Booked Amber from Goldstar for a B/G and a POV BJ. Right off the bat, great attitude. Almost nothing she woudn’t do. As a matter of fact, she was disappointed we weren’t shooting an anal scene. Major in Theater Arts so she delivered lines like a professional, not a single retake. Professional Dancer so she was tall, slender and REAL bendy! And she does an amazing deepthroat.”

AMBER: What can I say? I’m a trooper. There’s a mansion party tonight.


AMBER: No… It’s some place where you go to give lap dances to old guys and you get paid a shit-load of money. I wasn’t invited, but I’d go in a heartbeat. I’d shake my thing for some rich old ass! [Laughs]

RAY: What a creepy gig.

AMBER: Yeah, but hey…

RAY: There’s creepier, I suppose.

AMBER: No shit! Like when somebody says “so, I kind of want to try you out before I actually shoot you…”

RAY: Who says that?

AMBER: There are a few people who like to pull that. One of them came up to me at the AVN convention. He said “I need to try out one of your blowjobs before I hire you.” I was like “yeah, I don’t think so.” He looked shocked. It’s so lame. I don’t have any respect for people that pull shit like that.

RAY: What are the pros & cons to being in in porn?

AMBER: The pros? [Laughs] Rock stars! Oh my god… I love them. I’m so bad. The cons… All the negative connotations. There are people who will look at you and not take you seriously — Despite your educational background and the degrees you might have. Rather than the type of person you are, they will immediately judge you by what you do for a living. To be honest, I do porn because I enjoy it. If I didn’t love it, I would stop. There are also, of course, a few shady people here and there. But there are shady people in every business. Porn is like any other industry, except there’s a lot more fucking!

RAY: Anybody you’d like to work with but haven’t yet?

AMBER: Yes. I want to work with Tommy Pistol. I’d also like to work with Tommy Gunn.

RAY: What about Tommy Byron?

AMBER: I don’t know who that is.

RAY: Wow.

AMBER: I’m so bad. I really don’t watch porn, to be honest… Is he new?

RAY: Sure… Brand new.

AMBER: I should really become more familiar with the different actors and companies. But I’m not one to come home from work and watch porn. If anything, I’ll jump in my bed and pull out my vibrator or call somebody over!

RAY: You never watched porn while growing up?

AMBER: If I did, it was that crap you’d find on late night HBO.

RAY: Do you have any sexual fantasies left?

AMBER: I don’t really plot things out. I just go with the moment. If something starts happening and I‚Äôm into it, I just roll with it. I guess I’d like to fuck at a concert. Preferably in the wings‚ on stage. I think that would be pretty hot. Music does it for me. I love musicians. And sex, in general. I read a review for Cream My Crack the other day and it said “Amber Rayne is smiling the whole time — You can tell she likes it.” And that’s generally true. When I’m having a good fucking time, I tend to smile a lot.

RAY: Sexually, what gives you the most satisfaction?

AMBER: Anal sex. I love it. I can’t explain why… It’s just a hell of a lot more sensitive. The nerve-endings in the vagina are obviously much more plentiful, but there’s just something about taking it in the ass… I can honestly take a bigger cock in my butt than I can in my pussy. Which is weird. I love doggy-style sex. But taking doggy in the ass… There’s no comparison. It’s just so dirty and feels so fucking good. It takes a moment for me to prepare, but once I’ve got it warmed-up, my ass says “hello love!”

RAY: Your ass talks?

AMBER: Well… Yeah. Sometimes. If I have Taco Bell the night before. [Laughs]

RAY: Have you ever done double-anal?

AMBER: Are you fucking kidding me?!

RAY: How do you prepare for an anal scene?

AMBER: A lot of girls say not to eat the night before after 8PM. They use ammodium. Then they give themselves enemas in the morning, followed by a butt-plug to warm up. But generally, I have to eat. I have to have food in me consistently, otherwise I get sick. The very first DP I did, I hadn’t eaten that night and I was so sick. I tried to talk myself out of feeling ill, but the next thing I knew, I was throwing-up all over the set. All that was in me was water and immodium. I went home and didn’t leave my bed for three days. So I’ve learned I need to eat. I’ve never had the issue where I’ve eaten the night before and had a messy scene the next day. It’s never happened. Not even in my private life. Generally all I do is an enema to make sure it’s clean and then use a butt plug to warm up. I’ve heard some horror stories on sets. I don’t want to name-names, but it was her first anal. Let’s just say she caused a “shit-storm.”  Shit was everywhere. On the bed, on the walls… Everywhere.

RAY: What’s been the grossest thing you’ve had to deal with?

AMBER: I don’t know if it’s gross or terrifying. The other day I was shooting an anal scene — piledriver position — and when I flipped-over to take it doggy, I heard one of the P.A.’s say “dude, she’s bleeding.” I turn around and I see blood on my ankle. Everybody’s freaking out telling me to go to the doctor, but I’m not in pain. I’m feeling fine. By then, there was blood literally pooling on the floor beneath me. So I ran to the bathroom to wash off, and the P.A. was sweet enough to help. He had been an EMT and said he thought there was a small gash in there. So I had to go get stitches in my ass. But I’m okay now. The only other time I bled was when I was deep-throating a cock that was just a little too big. We were also going a little bit too rough. Before we started the scene, the guy I was working with told me “just tap my leg if it gets too intense.” So we start going and I’m upside-down, doing the deep throat. Suddenly, something doesn’t feel right so I tap his leg. He starts saying “Yeah baby! Spank my ass!” And I’m thinking “oh fuck…” So when he finally pulls-out, a river of blood comes cascading down my face. I had torn the back of my throat open.

RAY: Good. Fucking. God.

AMBER: But it was all good. I was able to finish the scene. I know… I’m crazy and off-the-wall. I really get into my scenes. I’ve been lucky — The people I’ve worked with have generally been very hygene-conscious and sweet-hearted.

RAY: What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done in your personal life?

AMBER: Once at a concert, I was fucking this guy in a room that had people literally walking by the entire time. You could see the band playing below if you looked over the balcony. That rocked. Other than that, I don’t know… Vanessa Lynn and I had a threeway one night. We were all just sitting around at my apartment having fun with this guy friend of our’s and the next thing I knew, I woke up naked. Then there was this after party I went to. [Laughs] Everybody was just fucking everbody in that house. I remember looking around and just thinking “oh my god!”

RAY: What’s your ultimate goal with porn?

AMBER: Generally, just to have a good time. Realistically, I realize that I can’t be talent forever. I’ve come to terms with that. So I’m going to enjoy it while I can. If I ever start to hate it, I’m done. But for now, I’m just going to keep doing it. Whatever happens, happens. I have a major in theatre and dance. I’m going back to get another major in art history. So I have a lot of avenues open to me right now.

RAY: When did you first have sex?

AMBER: When I was sixteen. I had anal sex right off the bat. Honestly, I didn’t have “regular sex” until I was 20. Up until then, it was nothing but anal.

RAY: Who was that with?

AMBER: The lead singer of a band. I snuck out of my house one night and I went to go see this guy’s band play at a local bar/pizza place. He was like 25 or 26. I was 16. I couldn’t help myself. I have the worst tendency to go for older men. So I just slipped-in and sat there and talked to this guy.

RAY: Then he corn-holed you.

AMBER: [Laughs] I asked him to! I actually have a very tight pussy. He had me bend-over doggystyle, and when he tried to put it in, my pussy was so tight that it just went right up my little butt. I was like “No! Leave it there! It feels good…”

RAY: Did you have any lesbo sex growing up?

AMBER: I did. I had a cute little girlfriend. She ended-up moving to England. But she was smokin’ hot. We used to get it on after school. We’d always try to reel-in a guy and bring him home. We would have threeway sex, but nothing really extreme or crazy. She wasn’t as into it as I was. She was into the romantic, gentle, soft, flowers & candles sex. Things I don’t generally dig.

RAY: Have you ever used a strap-on on a guy?

AMBER: Not yet! I haven’t met a guy who would let me. But I’d like to.

RAY: Is asslicking is on the menu?

AMBER: Oh fuck yeah. I’ll do a rimjob on anybody. Usually when I give a blowjob, my tongue eventually wanders up their asshole. I’ll start-off licking the perineum, and then sneak my way back there.

RAY: The what?

AMBER: The taint — “Perineum” is the technical term. It’s the really sensitive skin between your anus and your nutsack.

RAY: You certainly know your assplay. What about golden showers?

AMBER: Oh hell no. Nobody is taking a piss on me.

RAY: What about you pissing on them?

AMBER: Not happening.

RAY: Interesting where you draw the line. Do you have a website?

AMBER: Not yet! But I would love to get one going. Until then, people can visit me on MySpace or book me through Goldstar Modeling.

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