Sasha Grey Interview

by Ray | September 29th, 2006

“When I fuck, I like a lot of dirty talk… The more psychological the better. Especially while getting fucked in the ass.”

SASHA GREY: Today I did a photo shoot for Los Angeles Magazine. A writer contacted me throughMySpace. He wanted to track somebody’s career who was new to the business. So we’ve been meeting two or three times a month since June. Today they came to my house for a non-sex, non-nude photo shoot. It was draining — Almost as draining as shooting porn. I was expecting a four-hour shoot but they were here from 9AM to 4PM.

RAY: So how new are you?

SASHA: This is my fourth month in the adult industry. I’ve shot around 70 scenes.

RAY: Are you really from Gary, Indiana? The murder capitol?

SASHA: [Laughs] No… I just write that on MySpace to fuck with people’s minds. I don’t think Gary is the murder capitol anymore, anyway. But I’m really from Sacramento, California.

RAY: How young are you?

SASHA: I’m eighteen.

RAY: Do your family & friends know you’re a porn star?

SASHA: They do. Some are okay with it. Others aren’t. But nobody has disowned me or anything like that. They just don’t agree with what I’m doing.

RAY: Are they vocal about it?

SASHA: Not so much. More passive. They got their one line in, and that’s about it. Everybody else is mostly concerned with my health.

RAY: From what I’ve seen, you’re into some pretty extreme sex.

SASHA: Of course. That’s my job. Before I got into porn, I was in a relationship. The guy I was with — His sexuality stopped at a certain point, yet mine kept progressing. He taught me a lot of things. But I wanted to know more… I wanted to do more. He spawned something, you might say. I just wanted to try crazier things — Beyond what we had experimented with. He wanted to be more pedestrian.

RAY: Was he an older guy?

SASHA: He was 25. He was a very sexual person. I just wanted to explore every facet of my sexuality. Whether it be threesomes, or fucking other people together… Or whatever. I just wanted to experiment.

RAY: How does he feel about your new career?

SASHA: I’m pretty sure he knows. We don’t talk about it, though.

RAY: Was he the one that introduced you to anal?


RAY: Is that something you still enjoy?

SASHA: Oh, of course. It’s my favorite.

RAY: What’s the most intense scene you’ve shot so far?

SASHA: One of the very first scenes I shot. The HellFireSex scene. Right now it’s only online, but I’m pretty sure they’ll release it on DVD. That’s one of my favorites. It was so dirty and wrong. I played a very submissive part in that. It was fun. These past two weeks, I’ve been shooting for Belladonna. All of the scenes were really intense. Especially two of them. One of my favorites was I got to fuck a Teddy Bear. The male talent dressed-up in a plush costume. [Laughs] Other than that, there are only five of my movies out so far. I’ve only seen a few of them.

RAY: Do you have a website?

SASHA: I’m working on it right now.

RAY: Are you living in L.A. full time?

SASHA: Yes. I moved here to do porn.

RAY: How long have you had this dream?

SASHA: Since August 2005.

RAY: So you’ve wanted to do porn since you were 17 years old.

SASHA: Correct.

RAY: And you’re a big fan of Belladonna.

SASHA: Yes I am. She made me interested in girls. She makes girl-girl porn enjoyable to watch. It’s not all soft and romantic. She’s a great performer. She’s very intense.

RAY:Had you ever been with girls before getting into porn?

SASHA: No, I hadn’t. I always wanted to, but there wasn’t anybody that I wanted to fuck. I didn’t want to fuck any of my friends — I had known most of them since I was five years old.

RAY: Are you in a relationship now?

SASHA: I have a boyfriend. He’s cool with everything. He’s not in the industry, but he’s looking to possibly do set photography.

RAY: Anything about porn bother you?

SASHA: I wish there was better health care. I mean, AIM is great — It’s better than not having anything — but I believe there could be something like a union. Like SAG or something. Maybe something that protects us because we’re at risk. Performers are at risk. There’s no such thing as a worker’s comp. You catch something or you hurt yourself, then you’re out of work. There are unions for athletes, but we’re more at risk than regular actors. We need something. There’s also no overtime, or pension or anything like that.

RAY: Were you one of the popular girls in high school?

SASHA: Oh hell no. [Laughs] I hated cheerleaders. I mean, I had friends who were cheerleaders, but that wasn’t my thing at all. I had friends of all types. I never labeled myself as anything, but I guess you could say I was a bit of a stoner. I got along with everybody.

RAY: Stoners usually do. Were you always so sexual and experimental?

SASHA: No, I wasn’t. Not at all. And that’s why this is so refreshing for me. It’s why I really enjoy what I do. I was a virgin for a long time and once I got popped, I couldn’t stop. [Laughs] I didn’t mean for that to rhyme.

RAY: And now you get paid to experiment.

SASHA: Exactly.

RAY: What’s your relationship with your agent like?

SASHA: I love working with him. Spiegler is a great agent. He looks out for me and we correspond well. There’s no tension. It’s a good working relationship.

RAY: What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done off-camera?

SASHA: I once fucked my ex-boyfriend with a strap-on. That was pretty fun.

RAY: Who’s idea was that?

SASHA: Mine.

RAY: Did you sneak-up on him while he was asleep?

SASHA: No! [Laughs] I wasn’t that cool…

RAY: Cool or cruel?

SASHA: Either.

RAY: Do you ever truly get off in your scenes?

SASHA: Oh, I get off all the time. When you’re watching my videos, I would say 95% of the time you’re seeing the real thing. Even if I don’t have an orgasm — Even if I don’t cum, I’m still enjoying myself. It still feels good. It still turns me on. When I fuck, I like a lot of dirty talk… I like things to get verbal. The more psychological the better. Especially while getting fucked in the ass. In my scenes, I really love anal. When I have sex with someone, I’m not truly happy unless we fuck each other up. I like lots of roughhousing — Choking, slapping, spitting. And it’s best when it works both ways, ya know?

RAY: Do you consider yourself an exhibitionist?

SASHA: Oh, definitely. I like it when people watch. That’s another part of all this. The fact that I’m being watched and people are going to enjoy it. That gets me really hot.

RAY: Is there anybody you’ve worked with that you’d never want to again?

SASHA: Um… Yes. But I’m not going to say names. [Laughs]

RAY: Male or female?

SASHA: Male.

RAY: Does he wear a white cowboy hat?

SASHA: Max Hardcore? [Laughs] No… I’ve never worked with him.

RAY: I only ask because most girls say that — Almost without even thinking. I’m guessing half of them have never even seen a Max Hardcore video.

SASHA: Well I have… And I actually get off on his shit. Fuck yeah. His shit is so nasty… I love it. [Laughs] It’s just wrong… And the girls — He just takes complete control of them. I guess I kind of get off on that. Plus he’s just nasty lookin’ and that’s cool. All of it’s hot… The piss… The puke. Everything. But that doesn’t necessarily mean I’d want to be in it. It would have to be one fat paycheck.

RAY: Have you ever barfed on cock?

SASHA: Yeah. Not in a scene, though. That’d be fun.

RAY: Just by accident?

SASHA: No… Not by accident. I made myself do it. Bananas are the worst… Don’t ever puke bananas.

RAY: I’ll try to remember that. It shouldn’t be hard, since one of my goals in life is to never barf anything.

SASHA: Well, especially not bananas. They burn when they come back up.

RAY: So you actually plan what you’re going to puke?

SASHA: Yeah. Not to get skinny or anything. But it’s fun when it’s in a sexual way. That’s why I ate bananas. I thought they would work really well, but it was really gross coming up. It was so hot. I ate a banana and about five minutes later, I puked all over. It was nice. I think the only thing worse to barf that bananas are hamburgers. [Laughs] That’s so gross… I love it. Because coming up it’s so… thick.

RAY: I think that was actually the last thing I puked.

SASHA: [Laughs] Hamburgers?

RAY: Yeah, but there was nothing sexual about it. There seems to be a fine line between ‘gross’ and ‘hot’ in your universe, by the way.

SASHA: Yeah, you could say that.

RAY: You got a whole thing goin’ on. Are you into watersports?

SASHA: I like pissing. I definitely can’t wait to get into more bondage. That’s something I’ve always been interested in. I’m really excited about that. I’m really an aggressive performer and I’m a switch. I like to be both dominant and submissive.

RAY: What are you shooting this week?

SASHA: I have a busy schedule this week. Tomorrow I work with Acid Rain and the rest of the week I’m working with Jules Jordan and Combat Zone.

RAY: I imagine you plan to be in Vegas in January?

SASHA: Oh, definitely. I’ll be signing for Evil Angel. I look forward to seeing everyone there.

RAY: Until then, where can people find you?

SASHA: My website is That will be going up soon. People can find me on MySpace in the meantime. And the L.A. Magazine story is going to be great. It should be out in October or November of 2006.

Top Photo by Ray Dark, ©2008
Additional Photos courtesy of Holly Randall, ©2006 SUZE.NET

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