Aurora Jolie Interview

by Ray | February 15th, 2007

“We were both horny, so we went upstairs and had sex in the bathroom. Then he brought his friend from Israel up and I had sex with him. Then another knock at the door — and it just kept happening. These guys were all calling their friends to come over and fuck my ass.”

AURORA JOLIE: I just got back from Florida. I shot for AssParade and

RAY: Is that because you have big tits and a round ass?

AURORA JOLIE: Hell yeah! [Laughs] It was fun. The first time I went there, I didn’t really get to experience things. But this time was so fuckin’ fun. [Laughs] The shoots were awesome, but what I did after the shoots was even better.

RAY: What did you do?

AURORA JOLIE: [Laughs] Uh… Got fucked a lot. I was there for a couple of days. But the last day I was there was the most intense. I ended-up hooking up with ten different dudes. [Laughs] My ass is still hurtin’! I’ve made the choice not to have vaginal sex. Before I started doing porn I was sort of involved with this guy. I wanted to save myself for him. But then once I got into porn, things sort of broke down with him. One day I realized — Why am I saving myself for some guy? That’s the worst reason. If I’m gonna save it for anyone, I’m gonna save it for myself. So that’s what I’m doing. I’m definitely gonna do it some day, and it will be on camera… Just not anytime soon.

RAY: So you plan to lose your virginity on a porn shoot?

AURORA JOLIE: Yes. I’m starting to think about it more. I want to shoot it myself, make the money off it and then sell it to a company. The thought makes me excited. Until then, I’m only an oral & anal porn star.

RAY: How young are you?

AURORA JOLIE: I’m 18, about to turn 19. I’m an Aquarius. I just graduated from high school last June. I was working at a grocery store. I was very unhappy. I had always wanted to be a model. I wanted to do stuff like Playboy. So I answered an ad for figure modeling. It turned out to be for World Modeling. I’m with Speigler Girls now. Initially, I just wanted to do figure modeling. I guess I kind of got pulled-into the videos…

RAY: Pulled-in by whom?

AURORA JOLIE: By the lure of the money… I guess. But I actually enjoy anal sex. I had already had anal sex before porn. One time, that is. It wasn’t painful. Because he wasn’t big at all. [Laughs]

RAY: I bet that’s changed.

AURORA JOLIE: I’ve been able to handle everybody I’ve worked with… So far.

RAY: You’re listed under the name Nicara on the Speigler website.

AURORA JOLIE: That’s actually my real name. He thinks I should go with that name, so we’ll see.

RAY: So it’s porn star Nicara, aka porn star Aurora Jolie… Where are you from originally?

AURORA JOLIE: I was born in Italy and raised in Virginia. I have one brother. He’s 9. Nobody knows about my career yet. I know they will at some point… Just not now. I moved to California with my parents and finished my last year of high school here in Burbank.

RAY: Do you still live in Burbank?

AURORA JOLIE: Hell no. I moved out as soon as I could. I live by myself now.

RAY: How do you think your parents will react when they find out?

AURORA JOLIE: Disappointed. They sent me to a lot of fancy, private schools. But you know what? I’m totally making the money back. I’m making more money than all of my peers do — The ones who also went to those private schools.

RAY: What did you want to do after school?

AURORA JOLIE: I wanted to be a musician. In high school I studied music and music theory. I got placed into advanced music theory classes. I’m very into writing notations — classical music and jazz music. I love all the composers like Beethoven and Bach… I also play guitar and the cello. There’s more of a refined side to me! [Laughs] I’d like to say that I have the longevity to do porn as a career, but at the same time, I’m trying to do mainstream work as well. Magazines and music videos. Ultimately, I want to jump behind the camera. I’d like to eventually direct music videos and adult as well. I have this urge inside to combine them together. Mainstream and adult. I think it’s possible and I definitely want to have a hand in that.

RAY: What kind of people did you associate with growing up?

AURORA JOLIE: I hung out with everyone. I like different people and cultures. It made me more well-rounded.

RAY: I can see that.

AURORA JOLIE: [Laughs] You know what I mean… Actually, the guy I was saving myself for — I can’t really say we were together. It was more of an “internet thing”. First of all, he lives in the Middle East. [Laughs] And all those dudes I hooked-up with in Miami were Israeli or Moroccan…

RAY: So you’re into dark-skinned dudes.

AURORA JOLIE: Yeah. I like Mediterranean guys. I like Italians, Greeks…

RAY: So this guy you thought you were saving yourself for — You never actually met him?

AURORA JOLIE: No! [Laughs] That’s the embarassing part…

RAY: So who fucked you in the ass?

AURORA JOLIE: Oh, just some dude I met at work. I was pushing carts in the parking lot. I saw him and thought “he’s hot”. I was really horny and I was getting off work in a couple hours… So we went to his place. He was 21 from Guatamala. He was trying to show me pictures of his family. I was like “I don’t give a shit about that… Just fuck me!” And what’s really funny is to chronicle my whole sexual history, I actually got my first kiss in June. And then a couple days after I got my first kiss, I gave my first blowjob to this other dude from my school. He’s from El Salvador. And then in July, I had anal sex for the first time. I only hooked up with those two dudes because I was desperate.

RAY: You were desperate?

AURORA JOLIE: [Laughs] Yeah… Cuz I didn’t want to hook up with guys from my high school. I didn’t want guys my age. I’ve never even been with a guy who’s 18 or 19. I don’t like guys my age. I like older guys with experience.

RAY: How has being a porn star affected your life?

AURORA JOLIE: I don’t really consider myself a star. Not yet… But I hope to be! For one thing, being a porn star has affected my pocket. [Laughs] I’m also a lot more open-minded these days. Things are more available to me now. I have access to photographers who can help me get my portfolio together for mainstream work. I’m glad that I work with a lot of cool people.

RAY: What’s the hottest porn scene you’ve shot so far?

AURORA JOLIE: Anything I do with Mr. Marcus I love… I like him so much. He’s hot. I have the best chemistry with him. We kick it a lot. He’s a cool dude. It’s easy for me to work with him. It’s easy for me to work with guys who have his body frame. I like big, muscular guys. I don’t like skinny guys. It’s hard for me to fuck them.

RAY: Sorry, skinny white nerds…

AURORA JOLIE: [Laughs] No! I just mean that I’m not a skinny girl, I’m stacked. I’m really well-built so I need a well-built man when I’m fucking… Blowjobs I can do on anybody, no problem.

RAY: What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done in your personal life?

AURORA JOLIE: Probably the 10-man gangbang that I did in Miami.

RAY: In your personal life? Is this the same ten guys you told me about before?

AURORA JOLIE: Yep. [Laughs] One after the other… I did them all. It was just me, waiting in a bathroom — One guy comes in, does his thing… Then the next guy comes in… The next guy comes in… And so on.

RAY: This wasn’t on camera?

AURORA JOLIE: Nah, it was just for fun… It should have been on camera, tho!

RAY: Where did this go down?

AURORA JOLIE: In Miami at some electronics shop. I was just walking-around, bored. So I walked in, and smiled at them. This one guy who worked there — We had this connection… We were both horny, so we went upstairs and had sex in the bathroom. Then he brought his friend from Israel up and I had sex with him. Then another knock at the door — and it just kept happening. These guys were all calling their friends to come over and fuck my ass. The same thing happened to me the first time I went to Miami as well. I met this French dude on the beach. I took him back to my hotel and we fucked. Then he came back a couple hours later with another French friend of his, then all of a sudden there’s knocks on the door and there’s another 3 or 4 French dudes in the hallway waiting to come into my hotel room to fuck my ass… I guess they wanted to share the wealth. [Laughs] My ass was very sore after that…

RAY: Do you enjoy anal sex?

AURORA JOLIE: Yes. Absolutely. I orgasm from anal sex and I don’t even need to masturbate while it’s happening. I just take it and it gets me off. The one thing I’m working on is my blowjob skills. I’m getting better… Improving for sure. I think I have the basics down. I like to watch other girls and see how they do it. I’m open to suggestions. I just need to study other people’s techniques.

RAY: Do you remember the first porn you ever saw?

AURORA JOLIE: I remember seeing little flashes of porn as I flipped past channels on TV… But I really started watching porn when I was 17. I masturbated to it. At first I only liked watching girl/girl porn, but that changed.

RAY: Are you still into girls?

AURORA JOLIE: Yes. I always have been. I’ve had real sexual feelings since I was three years old. I started masturbating when I was five. And all I would think about were girls. What’s strange is, I’ve never been with any girls in my personal life. Only on camera. I don’t really have any girlfriends. I mostly hang out with guys. I don’t know how to go about that. A lot of the girls I knew in high school, if they found out a girl was a lesbian, they’d be like “eww!” At least on the surface. So, I’d never say anything about myself. But since I’ve been in porn, I’ve worked with a lot of hot girls. I like Gianna Michaels a lot. She has really nice, big natural boobs. I was really happy the first time I had lesbian sex. It’s something I had always wanted to do, but never had the opportunity. I grew up in a very strict household. I never even got to have contact with boys or girls. My parents are very religious, military types. They’re Christian.

RAY: And military?

AURORA JOLIE: Yes, both of them. Navy and Air Force.

RAY: Are you worried about them finding out that you do porn?

AURORA JOLIE: No… Not really. It’s inevitable.

RAY: Do you have a boyfriend now?

AURORA JOLIE: No… And I don’t want one. I just want to have fun.

RAY: Is there anything you don’t like about the adult industry?

AURORA JOLIE: Payroll. [Laughs] Like when you do a scene and they say “yeah, we’ll send you a check in the mail” and either it never shows-up, or it shows-up bouncing… I’ve already experienced that. This one company sent me a check and nobody even signed it.

RAY: What motivates you to do porn?

AURORA JOLIE: Exhibitionism, I think… I’ve always craved fame.

RAY: Have you worked with anybody in porn that you’d never work for again?

AURORA JOLIE: [Laughs] I’ve run into a few rotten people, but out of courtesy, I won’t name them.

RAY: Do you strip?

AURORA JOLIE: No… But I want to. I’m gonna go back down to Miami for the Superbowl and dance for the football players.

RAY: I hear there’s a lot of dark-skinned men that play football.

AURORA JOLIE: [Laughs] And more importantly, they’ve got lots of money. That’s where I’m trying to be!

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