Risi Simms Interview

by Ray | October 23rd, 2007

“I hate everything about porn. The girls… The monotony… The lack of anything artistic. When I do porn, I want it to be interesting… Also, the cocks are too big.”

RAY: Where are you from?

RISI SIMMS: I’m from a suburb in New Jersey. Not a hick place, however… Kind of a rich community. But I wasn’t rich. I got kicked-out when I was 16. I was the only homeless person in my town. I was still going to high school. My parents didn’t agree with my lifestyle.

RAY: How did you get into porn?

RISI: I woke up one morning and decided that I had already done every sort of other job, so why not porn? I started having sex on camera in Tampa, Florida. Then I went to Miami. I kept taking breaks… I would do a few porn scenes, then I wouldn’t do them for a while. Eventually I came to L.A. and people wanted to book me every day. I told them I wasn’t really into doing porn for the money. I just needed to pay rent. I was perfectly content with doing one porn scene a month. But I’ve had some shady agents. One guy I was with always wanted me to give him massages. One night he asked me to lick his nipples. That was the end of that.

RAY: Where do you live now?

RISI: I’m back in Jersey — staying with friends. I haven’t had a place in a year and half. I’m a professional couch-surfer. For a while, I lived with Mystery from that VH1 show, The Pick-Up Artist. I had no idea who he was at the time. He was constantly talking about himself. I just remember thinking he was an ass. Everyone back in Jersey was shocked to see me when I came home. They had all seen me in movies and magazines.

RAY: How short are you?

RISI: [Laughs] I’m 5’2″ and weigh 95lbs.

RAY: What motivates you to do porn?

RISI: I guess I’m a bit of an exhibitionist, but I don’t really see that as my motivation… I just sort of fell into porn. It fits my personality to do it on occasion. It’s like eating cake. You can’t have cake every day. I think girls who do porn as a career are skankier than normal women. I think it gets to them, mentally. A lot of them get into drugs and they get stupid. Porn ends-up getting very ugly for a great majority of girls. Then, there’s also my hatred for Jenna Jameson. I have girlfriends in the industry who talk up to her and always say shit like “she’s such a role model.” It’s like — what? She was a whore! I’m sorry, but I can’t look up to someone who started being a whore at age sixteen under any circumstances. I was on my own at sixteen, too. I didn’t go and fuck truckers to get by. I watched her little documentary on TV… What a waste of an hour.

RAY: What makes you happy?

RISI: Being the center of attention makes me happy in life. Meeting new people is important. You always have to keep meeting new people. I’d rather be infamous than famous. I like to know that when I walk into the room, people will know of me. For instance, when I go to Tampa, Florida… I have a legacy there amongst certain groups of people. Especially the goth/industrial crowd. I do crazy things. I’ve lived everywhere in the U.S. except Seattle… And Hawaii. The one thing I’ve learned is that MLK is always the worst street to be on — In every town.

RAY: What’s the craziest porn you’ve ever shot?

RISI: I’m way crazier in my personal life than I am in porn. I once got fucked on a 30-ft rock wall. That was interesting. The first I had sex was in a tree with my boyfriend.

RAY: Was he an elf?

RISI: [Laughs] No… He was human. I was 14. He was 18. When I was younger, I would always say sexual things and everybody thought I knew what I was talking about… But I didn’t. I don’t do boyfriends any more. Some of my relationships are ongoing while others only last a few days. I’m one of those people who can’t be loyal to just one person. Boyfriends drive me insane. I just want to have fun. Even if I don’t want to do anything with anybody else, I don’t like that feeling that I don’t have any options. I realize that will probably all change as I get older, but right now I’m a free spirit. I just want to do my own thing.

RAY: Do you enjoy sex with girls?

RISI: On camera, yeah. But in real life, I don’t have single female friend. I can’t hang out with chicks. If you look at my phone — at the people I actually call — it’s only dudes. I like being direct, and that’s generally not how girls roll. I’m known for making guys and girls break-up. I’m usually not at fault, though. Sometimes guys will just assume things. For instance, I’ll hook-up with a guy for one night and he’ll assume we’re gonna be a couple. I’ll just be like “I don’t actually want a relationship, dude… I don’t know why you broke up with your girlfriend.”

RAY: What nationality are you?

RISI: Native American, Dutch, Russian, and Austrian.

RAY: Is your family aware that you do porn?

RISI: Oh yeah. I tell them everything. We don’t really get along, but yeah — I’m completely open and honest about how I live my life. I don’t feel that there’s anything I need to hide.

RAY: Tell me about your most exciting scene.

RISI: The time I shot for Pure18.com That was the biggest cock I have ever experienced. He was around 12 or 13 inches. It’s funny — If you look at the clip, my face is in shock! [Laughs]

RAY: How was growing up in Jersey?

RISI: I was hospitalized a bunch of times. Every time I ran away, I ended up at the hospital. My parents would stick me there and tell them I had issues. [Laughs] I’m definitely not normal… But I function. My dad was a psychologist, so I’ve been on about twenty different medications in my life. When I turned 16, I stopped taking them. I felt better instantly. I was diagnosed as bi-polar and having A.D.D. Both of which I can kind of see… I’m either up for days at a time, or the world sucks.

RAY: You sound like a normal teenager.

RISI: [Laughs] No, I mean I will literally stay awake for days. I won’t sleep. I once drove from Tampa to Naples, Florida because I was angry at someone. I thought I wanted to kill him. I drank a bottle of Tequila. I woke up in the woods thought “oh fuck, I’m in Naples… I actually did it!”

RAY: What do you hate about porn?

RISI: I hate everything about porn. The girls… The monotony… The lack of anything artistic. When I do porn, I want it to be interesting… I know that’s rare, but the thought intrigues me. Also, the cocks are too big. Oh, and I hate shooting on the beach. I don’t see the attraction. I fucking hate sand. I always get invited to porn parties, but I never go. I have real parties to go to. I mean what are porn parties for? Alcohol and meeting girls. Sounds great, but if I’m going to a party, I want to be out until 11AM dancing and having fun. I don’t really like socializing with people in the porn industry anyway. I don’t mind if I meet them in real life and then find out later that they do porn. I met some people who worked with Jack the Zipper recently. We all lamented the fact that shooting porn sucks.

RAY: What do you like about porn?

RISI: I guess you could say I like the ‘alt’ stuff. It’s a lot more fun and interesting. They focus more on the artistic aspects. Michael Ninn’s stuff is amazing. I wanted to work for him, but he wanted a contract. He said I would only have to shoot four porn movies a year and dance at Spearmint Rhino. It sounded cool, but I didn’t want to be tied-down. So I passed.

RAY: What sort of work did you do before porn?

RISI: Everything. Rock climbing and gymnastics instuctor… I worked at Taco Bell. I did waitressing… I was an assistant pre-school teacher. I did Tae-Kwon-Do instruction. I was in the Air Force for a while but they got rid of me when they discovered I have A.D.D. Right now I’m trying to get into DJ’ing.

RAY: How did you choose your porn name?

RISI: I was told to choose a name and that’s the first thing that came out of my mouth. And no — I wasn’t eating Reese’s Pieces at the time or anything. I used to go by the name Kisi Simms. Occasionally I go by the name Lizz.E

RAY: Does the ‘E’ stand for entropy?

RISI: [Laughs] It could mean anything, I suppose. But I think you know what it means. I know people who roll all year long! Their brains are on auto-pilot. It depends on what you’re using, of course. There’s stuff around here that will have you painting rainbows with your fingers. It’s super amazing. I don’t really do anything else. I don’t like weed. I don’t like to smoke anything, in fact. I also don’t really like Los Angeles in general. Did I mention that? I refer to Los Angeles as ‘Satan’s anus.’

RAY: How do you know Renna Ryan?

RISI: I met her in Florida. She was cool. Around that time, I was getting tired of all the scumbags and shady people in porn. It was always very questionable and I was always getting ripped-off. I had an agent in Florida that was skimming money off my rate. Ever since I went independent, I’ve been getting at least five calls a week to shoot. It made me think, what’s the point of an agent if you can just book yourself?

RAY: Do you work-out?

RISI: For a while, I went to the gym everyday. But it got very boring. I’d rather dance. Or climb things. I like to climb bridges.

RAY: Do you have any strange fetishes?

RISI: I had a thing for Darth Vader when I was younger.

RAY: Once you go black…

RISI: [Laughs] I like guys who wear black… Like you. Actually, I have a theory that George Lucas died years ago and now his evil twin from bizarro world is running around making Star Wars sequels. You saw the last three Star Wars movies, right? They’re terrible! That’s not George Lucas.

RAY: I dunno… Ever see Howard the Duck?

RISI: [Laughs] My point is — it’s true!

RAY: So you’re a big sci-fi nerd.

RISI: I’m a big nerd in general. I play Dungeons & Dragons. I always play a Dwarf fighter. I love Star Trek: The Next Generation. I don’t like Deep Space Nine, however… And Voyager just sucks. I loved the original Star Trek series, but it was more goofy than anything. I mean how serious can it be when you have Tribbles? [Laughs] My main reason for wanting to go to Vegas in fact was to go to the Star Trek Hilton and get a tribble. Unfortunately it didn’t happen. I was only in Vegas forty minutes. Long enough to get hammered and jump back on the bus with my paper-bagged bottle.

RAY: Explain that tattoo.

RISI: Which one? I have Goodnight Demon Slayer on my back… And I have a sun where the sun don’t shine. Goodnight Demon Slayer is a song I love by Voltaire. One of my ex-boyfriends introduced me to Voltaire. He was the only boyfriend I actually cared about, among the other fifty-or-so elite. Eventually, we broke up. At the time, I had just turned 18 and of course I needed to get a tattoo right away. So, since that song had meaning to me, I did it. I’ve also gotten a ton of piercings. I’ve had my tongue pierced three times. It kept getting infected so I would have to re-do it. I finally surrendered. I’ve had my nose pierced twice. I did that for a scene, actually. It was one of those public “flash” scenes. I wanted to get my nose pierced while I was naked. So we got it on camera. Unfortunately later when I was washing my face, my washcloth got stuck on it and it ripped right out! I’m getting my wrist pierced next week. I’m having it done in stud formation so it looks like a little bracelet.

RAY: Do you ever truly achieve orgasm when you perform?

RISI: There was this solo thing I did where I had to use a vibrator. So yeah, in that scene I did. Other than that, no. Even in my personal life, I’ve only had an orgasm once when I was having sex with a guy. It wasn’t from actual penetration, though. That just doesn’t do it for me. I don’t remember exactly, but he was probably going down on me at the time.

RAY: How many porn scenes have you shot?

RISI: Well, I’ve shot things that didn’t start off being porn, but somehow they ended-up being pornographic. As far as all-out porn, I’ve shot maybe twelve scenes. I shot for AmateurAllure.com under the name Trudy. I give head, get fucked, and swallow cum in that scene. My group sex scene with Renna Ryan for InTheVIP.com was fun. Most of the other scenes were solos, which I never really knew how to do. They would just hand me a toy and I would be lost. [Laughs] I seriously don’t understand a dildo… Or the point of fingering yourself. I have people who do that for me. If I’m horny, I’ll just scroll through the numbers in my phone. I will always find someone who I can call and be like “hey… I really want a Slurpee. We should meet up at 7-11 and maybe come back to my place.” [Laughs]

RAY: What other scenes should people look for?

RISI: I did a thing called BumLuck.com It appeared on The Howard Stern Show. Basically they stage this thing where they take porn girls and drive them around town to find guys who are supposedly bums. Of course, they’re not really bums, they’re just some dude. He was supposed to be having a bad day and it was our job to make it better. We turned their bad luck into good luck. It was so stupid, but really fun to do. There was this Benny Hill style chase scene we did. Of course, me being the dork that I am, I did it to the extreme. I also gave a blowjob in a movie called Bikini Clad Cum Sluts for Evil Angel. That was interesting… I also did this movie for Penthouse with another girl. We were in this old-timey truck stop diner, having sex right on the counter. It was totally uncomfortable to shoot because they had these bright lights beating-down on us, but I think it looked really hot.

RAY: Who was the other girl?

RISI: They have names? [Laughs] Actually, I don’t recall. But on the Bum-Luck thing I worked with Carmella Bing. She’s hilarious.

RAY: How old was the oldest guy you’ve shot porn with?

RISI: I shot for these three older guys once. I’m not sure how old they were, but they were pretty old. I was just giving them blowjobs. They were really fun.

RAY: Do you have any sexual fantasies left?

RISI: I don’t have anything specific going on in my sexual imaginings… Any sort of desire I might have at the time, I try to fulfill quickly so I can move on. I do think it would be cool to fuck on a pirate ship, I suppose. Just to say I did it.

RAY: On a pirate ship, but not necessarily with a pirate?

RISI: Yeah that would be too cliche… Plus, pirates are dirty. Maybe I’d fuck a cop on a pirate ship. I think cops are hot. But I don’t really like to obey the law. And not a girl cop, they’re too fat. Except my aunt. My aunt’s hot. But then there’s the whole incest thing… And that’s just wrong.

RAY: Do you think people from your high school would be surprised to learn that you do porn?

RISI: No. I was always the sort of girl who was unpredictable. For instance, I would randomly give myself a buzzcut. Or I would go to school and walk around the hallway topless for — just to push the limit and prove the fact that people really don’t notice things. [Laughs] My friends would all crack up, because ironically — nobody who had any authority there would even notice. I would always just do random shit like that. I always had guys hanging around me… My own little fan club. I didn’t notice it for a while. I thought it was normal for girls to have a following of guys who just want to hang out and pay for everything.

RAY: Hot girls do. And those guys just wanted to bone you.

RISI: [Laughs] No doubt. Eventually I kind of realized it, too. The world isn’t the same for every girl and it’s never going to change…

RAY: The guys will just get older and creepier.

RISI: Oh, they have! And a lot more foreign, too. Especially in L.A. All the Mexican guys want to buy me tacos.

RAY: What do you like to eat?

RISI: I eat everything. Seriously. I love to eat food… and lots of it! I eat like a stoner. Weird stuff, too. I’ll go to a friend’s house and make a sandwich with every condiment I can find.

RAY: Are you a vegan?

RISI: [Laughs] Fuck No. I like leather. I like it a lot. I also have a deep hatred for plants. I think they should all die.

RAY: Ever been asked to do a private?

RISI: I’ve always equated doing privates with being a prostitute. Back when I was a dancer, people would approach me all the time. So, yeah… I’ve been offered but I’ve always said no.

RAY: Are you going to be at the AVN Expo in Vegas?

RISI: If I’m invited, maybe… If somebody’s willing to put me up at the Star Trek Hilton, then fuck yeah, I’d do it. [Laughs] I would want to be all Borg’d-out — Like wear a Borg outfit and have little Borg pieces covering my tits. I’m sure somebody is down to financially support this.

RAY: What’s your favorite thing to do sexually?

RISI: Anything to do with the clit. I don’t like sex in general — At least normal sex, that is. It’s boring. I’d rather get a back rub, to be honest!

RAY: What’s something about you that most people wouldn’t expect?

RISI: Do you believe in the probability of time travel?

RAY: It’s an interesting concept…

RISI: I feel that time dilation is much more likely. Neither has been proven up to this point. However, time dilation has been hypothesized as almost definitely possible.

RAY: Does that involve manipulating time so you can simultaneously project yourself to different points?

RISI: Exactly. However, you would have the inability to interact — as opposed to time travel — which is to send yourself, as one being, to a different point in time. I feel dilation is more plausible. It would be like a mirror image of you. You would simply be stretching yourself along a time period. You would be mobile, but you would only be mobile throughout the time period you were moving through. It’s just a hypothesis, of course. And there are inevitable paradoxes involved. For instance, the argument that if it’s possible to stretch yourself through time, why wouldn’t you be able to interact? If somebody slugged your mirror image in the face, would you react now or in the future? Because at certain points in time, it hasn’t happened yet. So how would you be reacting to something that hasn’t happened yet?

RAY: Show me your tits.

Risi Simms has sex InTheVIP.com

Risi Simms videos at AmateurAllure.com

Risi Simms videos at Pure18.com


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