Tristan Kingsley Interview

by Ray | February 22nd, 2008

RAY: Are you new to porn?


RAY: You have an interesting name. It’s very… I dunno. Regal.

TRISTAN: I’ve always liked the name Tristan. Nobody else had it. It’s unique. Not your typical porn name. Kingsley is my son’s middle name.

RAY: How many kids do you have?


RAY: How old are you?

TRISTAN: 21. They’re two and one.

RAY: Where are you from?

TRISTAN: I’m from northern California. The bay area, San Jose.

RAY: Why did you move to L.A?

TRISTAN: For porn. And a change of pace.

RAY: I heard you were married.


RAY: And your husband’s cool with your career?


RAY: Is he a performer?

TRISTAN: He thought about it, but he didn’t think he could actually go through with it. He actually thinks the fact that I do scenes is really hot. Some people think that’s weird, but I think it’s awesome. I like it. That’s all that’s important.

RAY: Do you have a website?

TRISTAN: Yes, I’m working on it right now.

RAY: What attracted you to porn?

TRISTAN: I’ve always been interested in it. So one day I just decided, fuck it — Why am I waiting? I have a lot of fun if it’s a boy/girl/girl scene. It’s the best of both worlds. It gives you more options… More things to play with!

RAY: What’s the most fun you’ve ever had shooting a scene?

TRISTAN: It was a boy/girl scene I did for my website with Derrick Pierce. We shot it in my agency’s office. I don’t think my agent knows yet.

RAY: You did it on his desk, didn’t you.

TRISTAN: No! We did it on his couch. But we tried using the desk, don’t get me wrong! [Laughs] Eventually, we took the action back to a house.

RAY: You seem sort-of stand-offish.

TRISTAN: I’m really not. I’m just a quiet person. I’m that “shy” type of girl that you don’t expect anything dirty from.

RAY: How long have you been with your husband?

TRISTAN: Going on seven years.

RAY: How old is he?

TRISTAN: He’s 24. I was 14 when we first met, and he was 19.

RAY: And I’m sure you were “just friends” for the first four years, right?

TRISTAN: [Laughs] Of course. We waited…

RAY: Of course. Are you swingers?

TRISTAN: That’s kind of complicated… We could be swingers. We have an arrangement where if he wanted to go out and have sex with whoever, that’s fine. Same for me. But honestly, we don’t. The option is there, but we’ve never acted on it.

RAY: Has he ever watched you shoot a scene?

TRISTAN: No… But he does watch my videos once they’re done. The first time he did, I have to admit it was weird. I didn’t want to watch it with him. I just walked-out and let him watch it alone.

RAY: Any hot Tristan Kingsley videos would you recommend?

TRISTAN: N’ 2 Deep from Vouyer Media, One on One #8 from Red Light, Blow Me Sandwich 11, Fresh Newcummers Vol. 2, Black Dicks in Latin Chicks 2, Sex With Young Girls 11, Don’t Let Daddy Know 3, and Nasty Girls 36 which I shot with Veronique Vega.

RAY: Anything you don’t like about porn?

TRISTAN: Some of the guys take things a little too far. They aren’t as professional as I would like them to be. But being female talent, you learn very quickly that you’ve got to put them in their place. Some of the guys can get really rough. There are certain positions where that’s okay, but for instance, with doggy-style I prefer it softer. Or if they start going a little too far, I’ll start tapping their leg. If they don’t get the hint, I’ll give them a little more of a smack. That’s what the nails are for. After that, they usually understand.

RAY: What’s your favorite sexual position?

TRISTAN: I actually like missionary the best.

RAY: Have you ever been so turned-on in a scene that you kiss the male talent?

TRISTAN: I prefer not to. If the director wants it, and that’s part of the scene, then I’ll do it. But kissing is far too weird. For me anyway. Kissing is personal but fucking isn’t. [Laughs] It’s very weird.

RAY: Do you enjoy giving blowjobs?

TRISTAN: They’re okay… They’re not my favorite. But I do them. I don’t swallow, though. I’m not a fan of warm, slimy things going down my throat. A few times, I’ve let the guy cum in my mouth and let it drip out. But I prefer cum on the chin, or the chest… Any place but my mouth.

RAY: Do you do anal?

TRISTAN: Not yet… But perhaps one day.

RAY: Interracial?

TRISTAN: Yes. I do interracial…

RAY: Ever had sex with somebody forbidden?

TRISTAN: After my husband and I had our discussion about being swingers, a couple days later I went out to dinner with an old boss, who was actually my husband’s friend. It went well, and he wanted to go to dinner again. So we went to dinner again… Afterwards, we ended-up back at his apartment and we had sex. When my husband found out, he was okay with it, but he was a little upset because it was his friend. He thought his friend would be like “this is my friend’s wife, I shouldn’t do this.” But… I dunno. I did it for the experience. It was a fun date. It was spur of the moment, so I figured why not? My husband actually hasn’t done the same. Not yet any way. I’m not sure if he doesn’t want to, or if he’s just scared. He knows I would be okay with it, though.

RAY: What a fine, fine arrangement… How long do you plan to do porn?

TRISTAN: Well, since I’m starting my website, I plan to do it for a while.

RAY: How did your family react to your decision to do porn?

TRISTAN: As of now my parents don’t know. I’m certainly not going to tell them any time soon. If they find out, they find out.

RAY: Would they be shocked?

TRISTAN: My opinion is that they will probably disown me. I come from a really strict Christian family. They’re very religious. Even though my husband is cool with it, they would still freak out. It’s the whole ‘morality’ issue.

RAY: What’s your ethnicity?

TRISTAN: I’m half Mexican and half Italian.

RAY: I see the Italian in your eyes. How often do you shoot?

TRISTAN: At least three times a week. If not more.

RAY: What kind of music are you into?

TRISTAN: I grew up on country music. My mom was born in Texas. I love Garth Brooks. I went to his concert when I was 10.

RAY: What’s your least favorite type of porn shoot?

TRISTAN: To be honest, solo. They’re boring. There’s only so much you can do with yourself! At least with a blowjob there’s something interesting going on.

RAY: Do think porn girls are different from other girls?

TRISTAN: No. Aside from the fact that we are open about our sexuality. We don’t try to hide it. Most girls try to hide sex and keep it in their bedrooms, and that’s fine. But porn girls aren’t shy about it. We’re more comfortable with ourselves.

RAY: What was your wildest sexual experience?

TRISTAN: It was on the 4th of July. My boyfriend and I went to Santa Cruz to watch the fireworks. We ended-up having sex on the beach with everybody around! It was very hot…

RAY: What have you shot that you’re excited about?

TRISTAN: I shot for HUSTLER magazine, so look for that. I’ve seen adult magazines all my life and it’s a little exciting to think of actually being in one. It’s kind of cool! It’s a little more glamorous.

RAY: What websites have you shot for?

TRISTAN: Monsters of Cock, Eat My Black Meat, Black Meat White Treat, Frat House Fuck Fest, Innocent High, FTV Girls, and Naughty Bookworms.

RAY: Anybody you’d never shoot for again?

TRISTAN: Yes. There’s a company out of Colorado. I did a weekend shoot with them. At the airport on the way home, I told my agent I would never ever shoot for them again. They were very unprofessional. It wasn’t necessarily the scene, it was the fact that we were there overnight. The guy we worked for just started taking pictures with his personal camera. So I had a conversation with him. I said we weren’t here for his personal enjoyment, we were there for his business.

RAY: He was being naughty.

TRISTAN: Exactly. So I had to point that out to him.

RAY: It’s weird. I’m looking at you, and technically you’re a MILF.

TRISTAN: Yeah, but I’m still mostly getting booked for the ‘teen’ stuff. They say that I don’t look old enough to do the MILF work. Eventually that will change, of course.

RAY: I don’t see a stretch mark on you… Where’d them babies come from?

TRISTAN: [Laughs] I don’t know, but I didn’t have a C-section. I had them the natural way. They gave me an epidural, so I was completely numb from the waist down. I couldn’t feel a thing when they pushed out. It was great!

RAY: My penis just crawled back into my body.

TRISTAN: [Laughs] Sorry!

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