All About Ashli Orion

by Ray | August 16th, 2008

Ashli Orion blogs on MySpace: Hey, I’m Ashli Orion! <3 My real name is Breanna, but my homies call me Bre (Breeee). I totally respond to Ashli though, in fact, when I go to Starbucks I sometimes accidentally tell them my name is Ashli, hehe!

Hurrs a little mini bio I just wrote about myself because I’m bored today. I’m not sure who will actually read it, but yah… enjoy…

I was born and raised in San Diego, California. Both of my parents are also from San Diego so I grew up doing San Diegan stuff like going to the beach and going to “the river.” They were young and cool parents so they let me do pretty much anything I wanted, and still do… in fact, they are supportive in my current career choice.

I’ve known what I’ve wanted to do my whole life! I’ve always wanted to be an entertainer/artist in some way. Ever since I was little I’ve wanted to be an artist/actress/musician/screenwriter/director/music video director.

When I was fourteen I met a boy from Los Angeles who introduced me to the LA party/rave/club scene. He was a pro deejay and skateboarder so I would spend my weekends in LA hanging out with him @ skateparks in the daytime and then partying in Hollywood all night. I had a fake ID so I was 21 all throughout high school, which explains why in my 21st year I am now a home body.

When I was 15 I lost my virginity and became a nymphomaniac. I had the same boyfriend for about 3 years and I was very shy so I didn’t get too much sexual experience beyond him. By the time I joined porn I had only had sex with 5 guys… although I have no idea how many dicks I sucked before porn (probably 10 or so, hehe). I also had never done any thing with a girl, except for make-out!

I’ve done a lot of random things in my life, so it’s no surprise I ended up here. I’ve always been pretty open minded. I did a lot of drugs growing up, all for the purpose of exploring my brain and having fun. I loved to expand my horizons so I’ve been a part of many “scenes”… I’ve been a raver, punker, gangsta, skater, stoner, surfer, goth, etc… hehe! I even was a keyboardist and played shows in a San Diego band called “Eternal Unborn” for about a year when I was 17.

As soon as I turned 18, I moved out to Long Beach, California. I had been getting my “hustle” on and saving up since I was 16 to move out. I went to California State University Long Beach for two years, where I never finished my GE credits. My major was film/electronic arts so I got an internship at a production company (Music Plus TV, now

After interning for a few months, I was hired as a producer and editor so I moved to Hollywood and stayed with that job for almost 2 years. I did things like film live shows for bands, edit television shows, run the switchboard for live streaming shows, and crew on music videos. As a behind-the-scenes person I made little money and I would often envy the on-screen talent. The actors where making more money and having more fun. I thought that if I could be in front of the camera I would be able to make enough easy money to live happily and use my free time to do things I love like make music and art.

At age 20 I moved back to San Diego to live with my parents due to financial difficulties. I worked full time at a gym daycare and Nordstroms. I hated my life, all I did was work for measly paychecks that covered only a fraction of my debt. I was poor, depressed, and undersexed.

One night after work, my sister and I drove to the beach and smoked a mixture of AK-47 and Trainwreck. We sat on the sand and looked at the stars and I had an epiphany. My whole life until that moment I had felt so small and insignificant in the universe, but at that moment I was comforted to be a part of something so much bigger than myself. I decided I really needed to enjoy my life on Earth and ignore the constraints of society. When my sister and I returned home, I packed my bags and drove up to Simi Valley to stay with my cousin. I promised my sister and my two cats (my babies I rescued and raised!) that I would get a place for them in LA as soon as possible.

My cousin lived with her mom, my aunt in a small apartment, yet they offered me a place to live with open arms. My aunt was even so nice about the situation she let me sleep in her bed (alone, of course, hehe)! My intentions of living there were very innocent. I planned to find a production job that paid enough for me to move back out on my own. After about a month I had enough money to be a dollar-menuaire and no luck finding a production job that paid. I lurked good ole’ sexyjobs… a website that I had been lurking since my 18th birthday. I knew that I had to get my “hustle” on or I would sink further into debt and depression. I did a lot of online research and found LA Direct Models. I sent them in some nudes of me and a few hours later I was on the phone with an agent scheduling a meeting! I was soooo nervous! I thought about all the pros and cons of life in the adult biz. Would my family find out? Would I get STDs? Would it be sketchy? I really had no idea what to expect! I knew I’d be great for it: I loved sex, I loved acting, I knew the entertainment biz, and I had watched porn since I was a child.

The only other person that knew of my career choice was my cousin and she knew I was cut out for it so she helped me with my anxiety and coaxed me into going to the meeting. The night before, I took a xanax because I was so freaked out, but I was so nervous it didn’t even calm my nerves (it usually can calm anything, hehe)! In the morning my cousin drove me to LA Direct Models so that I could sit in the passenger seat and drink boxed wine (viva Franzia!). I walked into the agency, possible a little stumbly. I pretended like I was sober, I’m still not sure if anyone knew I wasn’t? I talked to Derek Hay, the owner of the agency. He was very nice to me and before I knew it I was signing a contract and already had bookings! When I was asked what my stage name would be, I told him the name I had thought up the night before: Ashli Orion. Out of allll the names I could’ve chosen… I picked Ashli because I noticed most porn websites show girls alphabetically so I wanted an A name. A lot of people used to tell me I looked like Ashlee Simpson, so I thought it would be an easy name to remember me by. I always wished my name was spelled Bri, so I spelled Ashli with an I. I chose Orion as a last name because a building named “The Orion” (aka the Globe theater, aka Club 740 now) on 8th and Spring St in Downtown LA was one of my favorite places to spend my weekends. I used to call it my home. I also love the name Orion, and I love the meaning behind the actual word… its stellar and mythilogical, and in fact the star tattoo on my back is in tribute to the place. Now that I’ve been in porn for a while I think I should’ve chose an easy to spell, porn-y name, but I guess I’m special.. ;-)

My first shoot, for Vivid’s “Brand New Faces” series, took place on January 30th, 2008. Again, I was soooo nervous!! I drank shots of gin in my parked car outside of the studio (I again pretended not to be drunk, but when I watched the video it is totally obvious (to me anyway)!). Everyone in the crew was extremely nice! The director, Michael Bisco, was awesome, and my male talent, Rocco Reed, was such a sweetheart! They helped me through the shoot and we had a great time. When I left the set I felt sooo happy with my choice of entering the adult business. I had been paid 2 weeks worth of full-time work to sit in a chair and have my make-up done and then have sex with a hot boy for a few hours!! Seriously, it was amazing!!

The next day I was called in to work for Hustler’s Barely Legal. This time I was much less nervous so I didn’t intoxicate myself, hehe. I had nooo idea what I was doing, and it can be seen clearly on the video, but I understand the beauty of “innocence” for a Barely Legal video. I was so innocent compared to the freak I am now… I mean it was my second scene, and only the 7th guy I had sex with in my life!

A few weeks after I joined the adult business my aunt found out what I was doing. To this day, I still have no idea how she found out, but she did. I was not yet completely comfortable with my choice so I felt embarrassed. I also felt guilty because she was very religious and I had been doing this while staying in her home. She told me she wouldn’t tell anyone and I could still live there as long as I stopped. Instead of stopping, I packed my bags and headed back to my parents house to tell them the truth. My parents thought that I had gone back to work for Vlaze, so I wasn’t sure how to approach them with the news. I waited until late at night after they had a few drinks. We were watching television when suddenly I started to cry. My mom asked me what was wrong and I told her I had something to tell her. She started asking me things like, “Are you pregnant?”, “Are you in trouble?”, ” Are you a stripper?” Finally I said, “I’m doing porn.” Her jaw dropped. My dad, sitting across the room, got up from the couch and stormed upstairs, unable to speak. They were in shock! Me, their first born, good student, goal-oriented child, in porn! They felt like they had failed as parents. Over time I made them realize they hadn’t failed. I let them know that I was happy and making money and doing what I love. They came to terms with my decision and I think the only negative thing to come from it is that my brother and dad have had to stop watching porn, hehe.

After clearing the air with my parents, I headed back to LA because I was booked solid that week. I slept in my car for a few days and showered at 24 hour fitness. Before and after my scenes I went apartment hunting but I had no luck because my credit was shitty. I called up my agent, Derek Hay, and asked him if I could stay at his house. He was very nice about the situation and allowed me to move in that night. I was scared because I was sharing a room with another girl, Deena Daniels. She turned out to be one of the nicest people ever and became my best friend. Brynn Tyler, who also is one of the nicest people ever, lived in the room next to us and became one of my best friends too. We all had a blast together and grew close because we were all going through the same porn-related issues that our non-porn friends couldn’t understand (like not having time, being a slut, etc).

After three months of living at Derek’s, I knew I needed to move out so that my sister and my cats could live with me like I had promised. Deena needed to move out too so we decided to move out together. We signed the lease for a house in the valley, and a few weeks before it was time to move, my cats (my babies!!!) went missing from my parent’s house. It has been several months and they have never returned. I miss them sooo much!!! :-( <3 I have learned an important lesson, never leave your babies!!!! My sister, however, did not go missing, and she moved in with me and Deena.

Since then, I have worked for many companies and performed over 100 shoots (I’m too lazy to figure out how many exactly at the moment). I’ve learned a lot about myself and my sexuality. I’ve grown more than I could ever imagine in the past 6 months. I’m confident with my self, I’m happy, I’m getting paid to do what I love (have sex with other pornstars *rawr*!) while at the same time having enough free time and money to do other things I love like work on my music, short films, screenplays, and artwork (yah, I’m boring).

If you watch my first shoots compared to my shoots now you can see that I’ve changed from a shy, pastey white girl, to a confident, tan girl haha… okay, so not much has changed. I’m still the same goofball/chiller/thrillseeker I’ve always been but now I know A LOT about sex and I’ve opened my mind A LOT (more than I thought possible and it continues to open every day!). I try not to judge people for what they do as long as they are happy and they are not hurting anyone else. If a person feels that I’ve made the wrong choice, that is their opinion, but this is my life and I am living it in the way that makes me happy to be a human on this planet.

I could seriously write a bajillion pages about myself but I’m not sure who would actually want to read that. So, um, yah, that’s just a little piece of “my story.”


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