Alanah Rae Interview

by Ray | September 14th, 2008

Alanah Rae

RAY: You’ve never been interviewed?

ALANAH RAE: Nope. You’re my first!

RAY: Any relation to Taija Rae?


RAY: Nevermind. Where are you from?

ALANAH: I was born in New Jersey, but I moved to North Carolina when I was 7.

RAY: How young are you now?


RAY: How did you get into porn?

ALANAH: I was working at at strip club in North Carolina, and had a profile on A guy found me and flew me out here, but he was just a pimp. He wanted me to escort for him. So I went back on SexyJobs and found an agency who I thought looked legit. Turns out they were an unlicensed nobody company at the time. They were finding all my jobs on Craigslist. I quickly realized that was the wrong direction for me. They kept trying to send me on shady jobs — Like random creepy guys with video cameras, shooting things they would sell directly to the porn store — Or maybe just keep for themselves. That sort of thing. Somehow they got me hooked-up with Eric Everhard. I met his makeup artist, who got me a job with Reality Kings and also hooked me up with LA Direct. So I’m very grateful to her.

RAY: Where can people find your photos & videos?

ALANAH:, of course. That was a hot scene. When I worked for Reality Kings, I shot a Cum Fiesta video. My stage name is Scarlett Dreams on there. I got a good rating on that video.

RAY: So why porn?

ALANAH: I like having sex while other people watch me. I’m an exhibitionist, I suppose, and it’s hard to find regular guys who don’t mind having sex in public. I started dancing, but it wasn’t the same kind of thrill. Even with porn, it’s not the idea of the camera — It’s the cameramen. I love the fact that they’re watching me fuck. And then after, I love the idea that what they filmed is now going to be seen by so many people.

RAY: What do you think of L.A.?

ALANAH: I love it so far. It’s not the horror story everyone makes it out to be. Not everybody here is mean and nasty. I think New Jersey is a little worse. In L.A., the people are “fake” nice. In Jersey they’re just mean.

RAY: At least they’re honest. Are you living in the valley?

ALANAH: Yes. Studio City.

RAY: Is your family aware of your career?

ALANAH: Yes. Everybody knows what I do. I have a big family. Seven brothers and sisters total. My family enjoys having sex. [Laughs] I’m the second oldest child.

RAY: Were they surprised to hear that you are doing porn?

ALANAH: No, they’re pretty much used to the way I am. I started having sex when I was young, so the whole shock-factor is over. My mom has walked in on me quite a few times. I purposely have sex places where I might get caught. That’s my thing. So it didn’t take long for my family to catch on. It’s not a secret with me. I let people know what I’m into because I want them to do it with me!

RAY: So the reason that you do porn is as much for the exhibitionism & sexual opportunities as it is for the money?

ALANAH: Yes. Definitely. I’m really shocked — I keep hearing that most people don’t actually enjoy doing porn. They’re just doing it for the money. To me, that’s crazy. You can go to school and get a career and probably get paid more than what this will earn you. It would at least be more steady work. I think you should only do porn if you actually enjoy it.

RAY: You’re a natural blonde?

ALANAH: The only thing on me that’s fake are my nails. I was born with Auburn hair and violet eyes. Everything changed as I got older. I have mood eyes now. When I’m angry, my eyes are brown. When I’m happy, they turn green. And sometimes they’re blue. I’ll show you, if you want to make me angry!

RAY: Would you like a drink?

ALANAH: [Laughs] No thanks. I drink responsibly — Only if I don’t have to work the next day.

RAY: How has doing porn affected your life?

ALANAH: I look forward to going to work now!

RAY: What did you do before this?

ALANAH: I was a stripper at night, and an accountant during the day. I was working for a pool company as their water tester. Eventually, I worked my way up to being their Accounts Receivable person.

RAY: Pool tester?

ALANAH: People would bring in their pool water to me, and I would test the Ph balance.

RAY: Did you find more P than h? That joke isn’t going to translate well into text…

ALANAH: [Laughs] When people spend that kind of money on a pool, they usually take good care of it.

RAY: Did you ever get it on with the pool boys?

ALANAH: No, actually. That’s the one thing that disappointed me — All the pool boys were ugly.

RAY: What is the strangest place you’ve had sex?

ALANAH: Well, this is bad. When I was 16 and living in North Carolina, I lived directly across the elementary school that I went to when I was younger. I knew how to get up on the roof, so this guy and I were going to have sex up there. I wanted to have sex outside, but he wasn’t into the whole “let’s get caught” thing like I am. I thought school was out for the summer, so I convinced him that instead of the roof, we should have sex on the playground. So we do it! There we are — right in the middle of fucking — and suddenly all these little fourth-grade kids run outside to use the playground. I felt so bad! I like to get caught, but that was is pushing it.

RAY: What position were you in?

ALANAH: Missionary. The teacher came out and yelled at us. We didn’t stick around long enough to get into any legal trouble. I felt dirty for a long time after that. And the guy didn’t talk to me again. He wasn’t into the idea of public sex anyway, so he thought I tricked him into doing it. But honestly — I really thought school was out!

RAY: Ever have sex with somebody forbidden?

ALANAH: No, but I had a crush on my gym teacher in high school.

RAY: How manly was she?

ALANAH: [Laughs] He actually was a man! I won’t say his name, but he was sexy and bald. When I was 19, we went on a couple of dates. I wanted to have sex with him so badly, but I guess he just remembered me as the ‘little kid’ from school, so he wouldn’t sleep with me. Oh well. He had his chance.

RAY: What kind of guys are you attracted to?

ALANAH: I usually like the kind of guys who look mean, but really aren’t. And they have to have good teeth. That’s important.

RAY: Do you enjoy giving blowjobs?

ALANAH: I haven’t sucked as many dicks as I would like to. Back home, it’s not as easy to get caught sucking dick as it is to get caught having sex.

RAY: So therefore, sucking dick is boring.

ALANAH: No! I enjoy it — But you can suck somebody’s dick anywhere. I’ve done it in movie theaters, or in a car while the guy is driving. I love doing that, actually. Probably because when I’m riding in a car, I like to look out the window at other cars and I assume that other people are doing it. The thought of giving a guy road-head while we pass other cars turns me on. Knowing that they might catch a glimpse, and wonder if they saw what they think they saw!

RAY: Man, you are really into exhibitionism.

ALANAH: [Laughs] Totally.

RAY: Do you do interracial?

ALANAH: I had it up on my agency profile for a while, but I took it off. I don’t have a problem doing it, but I was told not to.

RAY: By the Klan?

ALANAH: No! Nothing like that. My mom is married to a black man. I was just advised to pace myself — As with anal.

RAY: Is anal on your horizon?

ALANAH: I’m trying to practice anal sex in my personal life. I’ve been told it feels really good if you do it right. So I’m trying to slowly work myself into it, using vibrators and friends. I figure once I’m able to get things in there and work them around without a lot of pain, I’ll be good to go.

RAY: Do you have a lot of friends in L.A.?

ALANAH: Not really. I don’t really get a long with a lot of girls, but the ones I live with are really cool.

RAY: What’s your ethnicity?

ALANAH: I honestly don’t know. My mom was adopted. The family she grew up with was Jewish, so my mom raised us to celebrate every holiday. Which was cool, because we got to take all those days off work. Even Kwanzaa.

RAY: [Laughs] Because of the husband?

ALANAH: Yeah! Our family had a whole system going.

RAY: Have you ever had an orgasm during a scene?

ALANAH: Yes, when I worked with Eric Everhard. Actually, I had one and a half. Right as I was about to cum a second time, they cut.

RAY: Bummer. Do you date in your personal life?

ALANAH: I don’t like the whole “boyfriend” label, but yes — I go out with guys. I like having friends who I can have sex with.

RAY: What do you like to do for fun?

ALANAH: Back home I would always shoot pool for fun. But since I worked so much, it didn’t really leave me much time for that.

RAY: Did you run with a rough crowd in high school?

ALANAH: I had one girlfriend who probably wouldn’t be considered the best type of person to hang around. I graduated when I was 15, so I got out of the high school scene pretty early. I dropped out and found an online Academy. Fortunately, they were idiots and would send the test answers with the tests, so I breezed through three years of high school in six months. Probably not the smartest thing for me to do, but that’s what I did at the time.

RAY: Instant gratification.

ALANAH: Exactly. Like when you suck at something, you have to make up for it with your mouth.

RAY: Do you plan on doing adult long-term?

ALANAH: Yes. I plan to stay in some aspect. As a get older, I’d like to go back to school for business management. Recently my mom and I started going over plans to open my own strip club.

RAY: Your mom?

ALANAH: Yeah, she’s really cool. She’s only 41.

RAY: Where can people contact you?

ALANAH: They can book me through my agency, LA Direct Models. They can also go to

RAY: What do you love to do sexually?

ALANAH: I love fucking doggy-style. It’s the easiest for both people to be pleased. I can thrust back, and he can thrust forward.

RAY: Ever had a threesome?

ALANAH: I tried a threesome once with my girlfriend from high school, but we didn’t do it right at all! When he was having sex with me, she was just sitting there naked, smoking a cigarette and watching TV. Then when it was time for her to get fucked, she didn’t want me to touch her. So that kind of turned me off to the whole girl/girl thing.

RAY: You don’t enjoy sex with girls?

ALANAH: I enjoy being with girls that I know. Random girls are different. It’s much more natural for me to do it with guys. I can be instantly attracted to a guy.

RAY: Do you think girls who do porn are different from those who don’t?

ALANAH: I would say porn girls are more ballsy. Every girl does what we do, in some form — We just aren’t afraid to be judged. Even if a girl doesn’t look the greatest — if she enjoys doing porn, then that’s what she should do. She shouldn’t be afraid to be labeled. It’s sex. Everybody does it.

RAY: And some people just like to be watched.

ALANAH: [Laughs] Yes! I feel it in my whole body when I see somebody watching me fuck. I don’t know what causes it. It’s especially intense when the person watching is somebody random. Like if I’m getting fucked by a window and normal people are walking by — To me, that’s much more intense than if a cameraman was watching me do it. Because the average person on the street doesn’t realize that if he just looked up a little bit, he would see everything. Fucking in cars is fun too, although I realized that since a lot of cars windows are tinted, people are really only seeing the car shaking — They’re not actually seeing the action. So that’s when I started moving things to bedroom windows.

RAY: And playgrounds.

ALANAH: [Laughs] Right! Oh god…

RAY: What’s next, Alanah? A church?

ALANAH: I’ve always thought about having sex in a church, but I just can get over the idea of having a pastor watch me.

RAY: He’d probably be more interested in your boyfriend anyway.


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