Ashli Orion Interview

by Ray | October 10th, 2008

ASHLI: I’m coming back to L.A. I’m about to board the plane. I just did a bondage shoot.

RAY: San Francisco.

ASHLI: How did you know?

RAY: That’s all they shoot up there.

ASHLI: It was for Chanta Rose I have bruises everywhere. It was my second shoot. I did a week ago.

RAY: I love your name.

ASHLI: Why thank you! I decided I needed a name that started with an “A” name because most porn chicks are listed alphabetically. So I chose Ashli. Orion is the venue that I used to go raving at when I was younger.

RAY: Where are you from?

ASHLI: San Diego, but I pretty much grew-up in L.A. I would come up and party all the time. I moved here as soon as I turned 18.

RAY: How long have you been doing porn?

ASHLI: Since early 2008.

RAY: Enjoying it?

ASHLI: I love it! I’ve never been happier.

RAY: How old are you?

ASHLI: I’m 21.

RAY: Why porn?

ASHLI: It’s always been a secret fantasy of mine. I used to to TV production, and always wanted to be in front of the camera. One day I thought “fuck society… I’m getting naked for a living.”

RAY: What steps did you take to get into porn?

ASHLI: I Googled and researched all the different agencies. L.A. Direct Models looked the best to me. They seemed to be the most professional & legit. I sent them my pictures and the rest is history.

RAY: What’s something people wouldn’t expect about you?

ASHLI: I’m a computer nerd. I’m really into art. I like to paint and draw. Nobody really knows that side of me.

RAY: Who did you hang around in high school?

ASHLI: Ravers and stoners. [Laughs]

RAY: Who do you enjoy performing with?

ASHLI: Can I give you a list? [Laughs] I love the cock! Sorry, I’m going to talk a little quieter now because I’m on the plane.

RAY: Want to call me back in an hour?

ASHLI: No, it’s cool — I don’t really care. I’m open. Maybe somebody will hear me and want to join the mile-high club. [Laughs] I like girls, too. But there’s just not as much sexual chemistry for me. I’m much more into the opposite sex.

RAY: Have you ever truly achieved orgasm during your scenes?

ASHLI: Oh yeah, I actually have. I cum very easily. I practice all the time at home. When I don’t answer my phone, my friends know what’s going on. I have my toys. My vibrators, my fingers… When I was young I used a vibrating toothbrush to masturbate with.

RAY: Is there a specific scene that you recall having an exceptionally powerful orgasm in?

ASHLI: Yes! The scene I did for New Sensations.

RAY: Has porn affected your personal life?

ASHLI: It’s made it better. I’ve become a lot more open about things. I feel like myself now.

RAY: What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done in your personal life?

ASHLI: I let someone pierce my nipples while we were fucking.

RAY: Do you have an oral fixation?

ASHLI: Oh, yes. Definitely. I really do. I love to deepthroat, too. However, I have wisdom teeth, so I’m always afraid of hurting the guy.

RAY: Do you swallow?

ASHLI: Oh yeah, of course! I think it’s weird when girls don’t. It’s like, why not? Who cares?

RAY: Ever have sex with somebody forbidden?

ASHLI: Like a teacher or something? No, but I wish I had. I have fucked a few guys who had girlfriends. Never one of my own friends, though. That goes against the code.

RAY: Ho’s before bro’s.

ASHLI: [Laughs] Precisely. I wouldn’t do that to my friends. But to some girl I don’t care about — If she’s got a hot boyfriend, kiss him goodbye. [Laughs]

RAY: Do you have any sexual fantasies left?

ASHLI: I’m living it! This is my fantasy life! I love role-playing and living other people’s fantasies on camera. And hot porn stars giving their cock to me. I also love the idea that guys are watching and jacking-off their cocks.

RAY: That turns you on?

ASHLI: Definitely.

RAY: What ethnicity are you?

ASHLI: I’m a mutt. I’m a European mixed mutt.

RAY: Is your family aware of your new career?

ASHLI: Actually, yes. At first they were shocked, but now they accept me. As long as I’m happy and loving what I’m doing, they’re cool with it.

RAY: Ashli likes The Cure.

ASHLI: Yes I do! Do you?

RAY: I do. Well… not actively. They’re more of a nostalgia trip for me.

ASHLI: I think a lot of people like The Cure.

RAY: Millions. We’re not that cool.

ASHLI: [Laughs] I’m obsessed with music. I have too many favorite bands to list. I used to play in a band, actually.

RAY: Really? Me too.

ASHLI: I’m headed home now to Simi Valley. Me and my girl Deena Daniels found a really cool townhouse.

RAY: Is your agent happy about having to send drivers way out there?

ASHLI: Actually, I drive myself to shoots.

RAY: Where can people find you?

ASHLI: On MySpace.

RAY: How long do you plan to do adult?

ASHLI: As long as possible. And when I’m done being talent, I’d like to work behind the scenes. Maybe do a little grandma porn here and there…

RAY: Now I’m excited.

ASHLI: [Laughs] I’m kidding.

RAY: Really? I was going to book it. March 9th, 2038.

ASHLI: I’ll add it to my calendar.

RAY: Derek will be impressed. Any plans for physical enhancements / adjustments / piercings / tattoos?

ASHLI: Well, I did want to get a nose-job. But then I found out it costs $12,000, so I just decided to stick with it. [Laughs] Deena just asked me if you were really an interviewer or just a weirdo asking questions.

RAY: Tell her both. And you’re nose is fine.

ASHLI: Why thank you.

RAY: If you weren’t doing porn, what would you be doing?

ASHLI: I always wanted to be a music video director & editor.

RAY: What kind of guys do you like?

ASHLI: Right now… I’d have to say I really like porn stars! Because they fuck! And they fuck like porn stars! The best part is, we can just fuck and be on our way. There are no weird issues to deal with.

RAY: Is it a turn-off when a guy that you’re interested in turns-out to be a fan?

ASHLI: It hasn’t happened yet. Not that I know of, at least. It’s kind of fun having ex-boyfriends or guys that I used to date suddenly wanting to get back with me. They’re so intrigued. I find that amusing. Suddenly people are responding to me on MySpace. [Laughs]

RAY: Do you think the people you went to school with would be shocked to discover that you do porn?

ASHLI: You know what? I never really was very close with any people I went to school with. I’m sure they would probably be shocked, but that’s because they didn’t really know me. I never really hung-out with the people there. I was too cool for school.

RAY: What’s your biggest turn-on?

ASHLI: Rough sex… Just getting a really nice, hard fucking. [Laughs] It’s pretty simple, but that’s what I love. Feeling a nice, big hard cock in my pussy. Do you want to hear a random story? Deena wants me to tell you that once we were sitting-around and I was watching one of my scenes on the computer. I had the screen turned-away from her, but she could guess what positions I was doing.

RAY: Do you two have sex off-camera?

ASHLI: We have with another guy, yeah. One time, we went to a swingers party for “younger people” in the Hollywood Hills. I didn’t know stuff like that existed.

RAY: What happened?

ASHLI: We had sex with some civilians. [Laughs]

RAY: How many?

ASHLI: Deena, how many did we have sex with? Two? … Deena says just one. But wait, I think I had sex with two? I don’t remember. It was months ago. I wasn’t even that drunk. Everybody else was fucked-up. But since we’re in porn, we didn’t care. It was fun, but it wasn’t as good as “porn sex”. It’s really strange having normal sex now, after being with guys who know what they’re doing. It’s not as intense. I mean, I’m sure I would like sex with a boyfriend. But I’d rather fuck porn guys right now.

RAY: Have you and Deena performed a scene together?

ASHLI: We haven’t! But we want to. We think it would be really cool because we look similar. Nobody has ever booked us together.

RAY: What turns you off?

ASHLI: Bad smells. Bad breath and stinky ball-sacks. I want to make something perfectly clear with every guy who may be reading this — Make sure to wash your balls before you make a girl give you head. I love giving blowjobs. And I love licking balls. I will suck a pair of balls entirely into my mouth… But some guys don’t understand that they need to shower before they have sex with a girl. Instead, they just show up — having sweated all day — and they don’t realize that they have B.O. on the ball-sack and it’s gross!

RAY: Did you date a lot before getting into porn?

ASHLI: Actually, I only hooked-up with five guys before getting into porn. I was always very shy, so I didn’t date much. When I’m out with somebody, I like doing anything that’s random, fun, and spontaneous. As long as we’re having good chemistry and laughing, it doesn’t really matter where we are or what we’re doing.

RAY: Do you enjoy having sex in public?

ASHLI: Actually, yes I do! I have sex on the beach a lot. I like doing it in the car too. Now that I’ve been in porn, I want to do it more often.

RAY: Have you dealt with any crazy fanatics or stalkers?

ASHLI: I had those before porn!

RAY: You’re just bragging now.

ASHLI: No! I’m a stalker magnet, I’m serious. [Laughs]

RAY: Are they real stalkers or just lonely nerds?

ASHLI: They’re just… I dunno, creepy. For instance, when a girl doesn’t call you back, you shouldn’t keep calling her twenty times a day and leave creepy messages. That’s weird. But so far, so good. As far as porn, at least.

RAY: Favorite place to party?

ASHLI: In my pants, of course!  Actually, I prefer the party in my vagina… [Laughs] I dunno… I used to like going to clubs and stuff. But lately I’d rather just kick-back with friends.

RAY: Is there anything that you would like to change about the industry?

ASHLI: I just really hate it when people don’t wash their private parts.

RAY: [Laughs] You are really big on that, Ashli. Do you have a story you want to share?

ASHLI: Unfortunately I have many stories. Most recently, I told this girl that she had some cream on her vagina. I told her maybe she should wipe it between takes. She told me “no, that’s just the cum.” Now, from my experience — a girl’s cum is more like clear water. It isn’t a thick white cream. So I asked her again to wipe it up, but she refused. She made me lick it.

RAY: Ugh.

ASHLI: And then another time, I did a scene with a guy who’s cock tasted like fishy vagina. He obviously hadn’t showered. [Laughs] The list goes on. I just prefer that people wash themselves.

RAY: Understood.

ASHLI: I also never, ever want to have to do [double-vaginal sex]. Or double-anal. Or double-penetration for that matter.

RAY: Are you into anal?

ASHLI: Not on cameara — Yet. I have done it in my personal life, however. At the time, I only did it to please my boyfriend. But now that I’m more open about things, I know I can learn to actually like it. I just haven’t gotten the opportunity to explore that yet. I have given rimjobs, tho.  Does that count? [Laughs] Yeah, licking ass is cool. I don’t care… But once again — As long as it’s washed.

RAY: Golden showers?

ASHLI: Yes, I have. I’ve never done it in a movie, but I’ve done it in my personal life a couple times. Only transmitting, so far. I have yet to receive, though I wouldn’t mind. Especially if I was having a kinky, drunk night.

RAY: How old were you when you first had sex?

ASHLI: I was fifteen. It was with my boyfriend who I was in love with. It wasn’t very magical, however. I was extremely drunk. I barely remember it. I just know that the day after we fucked, I never stopped having sex. A week before that was the first time I ever gave a blowjob. He taught me how to do it. I used to practice on bananas.

RAY: Get out.

ASHLI: I’m not even kidding. I knew I was going to do it, so before I went to see him, I practiced on a banana.

RAY: Did they throw you out of the market?

ASHLI: [Laughs] I was at home. But I have gotten walked-in on while giving head. My little sister caught me once.

RAY: Did she join-in?

ASHLI: [Laughs] I’m from San Diego, not some inbred hick town. My sister was only 12. She ran and told my mom.

RAY: Did your mom join-in?

ASHLI: [Laughs] How’d you guess?

RAY: Are porn girls different than “normal” girls?

ASHLI: Definitely. Normal girls generally don’t check to see if their vagina smells. Normal girls won’t douche in front of their friends. So, yeah. There are some important differences.

RAY: What motivates you? Is it the money or the sex?

ASHLI: Honestly, doing porn has always been one of my craziest dreams. I love sex, and I love film. I love going against society. And now all these people want to pay me to have sex with porn stars! Why wouldn’t I do it? I just want to live my life and have fun. When I get booked for a scene I think to myself, “I’m going to get paid to have sex — legitimately. Hell yeah!”

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