Heather Starlet Interview

by Ray | February 6th, 2009

RAY: Where are you from?

HEATHER STARLET: I am originally from Dayton, Ohio. Home of the Wright Brothers.

RAY: How long have you been doing porn?

HEATHER: About six months. I’ve only been in L.A. for three.

RAY: How did you get into adult?

HEATHER: I started doing artistic nude modeling. That didn’t pay much. Then somebody contacted me on myspace and set me up with a content provider in Cleveland, Ohio. He also set me up with my agent Phil of Mack’s Models. I have really learned a lot from Phil, I really want to promote him because I am so happy with him. Check out his models. We’re all horny bitches tryin’ to get laid! [Laughs] So, that tends to make us very eager to work.  Any companies interested in booking me should contact Phil at macksmodels@gmail.com

RAY: So you dove straight into hardcore?

HEATHER: I started-off doing solo, because that’s all my boyfriend at the time wanted me doing.

RAY: That sounds familiar.

HEATHER: Yeah, he would tell me I could fuck girls, I could fuck myself, but I couldn’t fuck any guys. That didn’t last long. Things didn’t work out between us. He was upset, but I gotta do what I gotta do.  We had issues anyway. So I started doing boy/girl and began making good money. I knew I would make even more on the west coast. I always wanted to go to California, and here I am! I absolutely love it here. I’ve pretty much been working non-stop.

[Heather’s friend Skyla Paige approaches.]

SKYLA PAIGE: Ooh a video camera! Let’s make a porno!

HEATHER: We’re doing an interview.

SKYLA: Oh I’m sorry. Am I messin’ up ya’lls interview? Cuz back in the day, when I used to see a videocamera I’d say let’s make a porno. But now —

RAY: — But now you’re here in L.A., actually making porno.

SKYLA: That’s so crazy! [walks away]

HEATHER: I think she’s drunk… Maybe?

RAY: How old are you?

HEATHER: I’m only 19. I realize I look like the “girly-girl-next-door,” but I really love rough, dirty sex. It’s sick. I just recently did this video where I played a cute little teen, but I was tied up with pink duct tape and a hot pink ball gag. It was so raunchy. I got annihilated. I was getting pounded maliciously. I loved it!

RAY: Who shot this?

HEATHER: Jim Powers.

RAY: Why do you suppose you’re so into rough sex?

HEATHER: Probably because I’m usually dominant. In a relationship, I’m in charge. But in my sex life, I love to be submissive. I loved to get totally pounded.


RAY: What’s the most intense scene you’ve shot so far?

HEATHER: I had a really good shoot with Erik Everhard in an orgy with Sasha Grey, Missy Stone, Lisa Anne, and Katja Kassin. It was hot as fuck. Sasha was fun to work with. She was the cum-dumpster at the end of the scene. I really like working with Missy Stone. I tongue-fucked her ass! Hell yeah.

RAY: I hear you’ve got big things in the works.

HEATHER: Yes! Definitely. And I love pussy. [Laughs] I did The Violation of Kylee Ireland with a bunch of girls.

RAY: By the way — What happened with your boyfriend?

HEATHER: We broke up completely. It was hard. We had a long relationship. But I would have been unhappy not trying this. Sometimes you have to do what’s best for you. I still care about him, though. It’s not like I hate him. He’s a good kid.

RAY: Kid?

HEATHER: He’s a 19-year-old kid. Just like me. [Laughs]

RAY: Hi, I’m creepy. What’s your ethnicity?

HEATHER: I am a quarter Polish, a quarter German, and then a bunch of other stuff. I have a little Israeli in me. I’m basically European.

RAY: Who do people say you look like?

HEATHER: Heather Graham and Julia Roberts.

RAY: I kind of see Julia when you smile.

HEATHER: That’s so funny. Sometimes I’m also told that I look like Rachel McAdams, which is a huge compliment. I think she’s gorgeous.

RAY: What kind of crowd did you roll with in high school?

HEATHER: Cheerleading captain… Private school… I wore a uniform… I was on the debate team, and I was in theatre too. I was part of the “popular” crew, I guess you could say.

RAY: Would they be shocked to see you now?

HEATHER: Yes. Definitely. Although I think some of them would think it was cool. But most of them would give me shit. Jealous people. The girls would be the worst, I suspect.

RAY: How about your family?

HEATHER: They know all about it. They got an anonymous email one day. I was planning on telling them after the holidays, but they knew before I had the chance. It kind of sucked. I’m the oldest of five children. My dad is very strict, so it was hard for him to take. My mom is doing much better. It is what it is. They still love me. My siblings don’t know, I believe. I’m not ashamed to tell them, but it’s an age-appropriate thing.

RAY: What do you like about porn?

HEATHER: There’s always drama when you’re in the inner-circle, but if anybody from the outside fucks with you or your crew — it becomes family. People in porn are not like everybody else. We stick together and look out for one another.

RAY: Like carnies.

HEATHER: [Laughs] Pretty much yeah. And I like that idea. I like the fact that we are all relying on the people who are like ourselves. I also love being on camera. That turns me on so much. I love having the freedom to express myself sexually.

RAY: Do you achieve orgasms in your scenes?

HEATHER: Yes! Some of my most intense orgasms are on camera! Seriously. I don’t know if it’s because of the atmosphere, or how well the male talent is performing, or how well I’m performing to make it look good… Probably all of the above. But yeah, I get off frequently during scenes.

RAY: Do you find POV scenes to be difficult?

HEATHER: It depends on who’s shooting them. I just shot Double Vision for Erik Everhard yesterday. He was the camera and the talent and it worked-out well.

RAY: Anything bother you about the porn industry?

HEATHER: Oh, get comfortable. [Laughs] In many ways, women are in charge of the industry — In others, they are not. I don’t like the fact that you can’t change the way things are because you can’t get everybody to cooporate on certain issues. Also, when shooting features, why does it take 16 or 17 hours before your shoot when you’re on set? [Laughs] I hate waiting to fuck! Especially when I’m horny.

RAY: What do you want to do ultimately in this business?

HEATHER: I feel like I’m just a repeat of everybody you’ve interviewed, but I want to either have an agency or do production. I want to make porn from a female perspective. And by that I don’t mean romantic and mushy, I just mean hot, hard fucking from a female’s point of view. Or at least a scene where the girl sets the stage. Like have a girl call a guy and say, “hey I want a booty call. Get over here!”  And just have her run the scene. That’d be hot.

RAY: If you weren’t doing porn, what would you be up to?

HEATHER: I’d probably be a nurse. I’m a certified nursing assistant. So I’d probably be continuing my schooling or working at a hospital. I was offered a position in Neurology. But I wanted to work with sick babies.

RAY: Well you ended-up in the right business.

HEATHER: [Laughs] That’s what I’m learning.

RAY: Neurology could be a depressing field. At least in porn you spread joy.

HEATHER: That’s very true! I spread joy… I spread my legs… I spread fluids…

RAY: Tell us a good dirty story from your personal life.

HEATHER: Oh boy… I feel really bad about this. This isn’t usually my personality, but one time I was really drunk at a party and I fucked a guy in a bathroom stall while a bunch of guys stood around watching. It was kind of interesting. [Laughs] You have to do it once, I suppose.

RAY: Ever have sex with somebody forbidden?

HEATHER: [Laughs] Yes. This is really bad. Back in high school, my friend had a really hot dad. Her parents were divorced. We were all over at her place during Christmas break, having a sleepover. This was I think Junior year. We were all getting drunk and being retarded. The girl who’s house it was — She and this other girl took off with this guy who came over. So they went outside to his car and the rest of us just kept smoking and drinking. There were three of us and we were drunk as fuck. We were talking about her dad and how hot he was. We were like, “oh my god I just wanna suck his cock so bad.”  You know, just being stupid. And one of my friends said, “well ok you should go fuckin’ do it, he’s upstairs.”  I was like “I’ll only do it if you do it!” So we kept daring each other and eventually, we said “fuck it!” And we went upstairs to find her dad… And we all three blew him!

RAY: No.

HEATHER: Yes! And we never told anybody.

RAY: At the same time?

HEATHER: We all took turns, yeah. When we got upstairs, it was all dark except the TV. He was laying in bed. We came upstairs and just sat down on his bed and told him that we were really drunk. He said “yeah, you girls better not be driving tonight.” We told him “we’ll stay, but only if you let us blow you!”  We were totally teasing him, but then one of the other girls just reached-out and pulled his pants down. She must have been horny as fuck because she just started sucking him off. My friend and I were like “all right…” and we both jumped in. We fuckin’ blew him in his bed — the motherfucker just sat there.

RAY: Wow… Who took the cumshot?

HEATHER: He blew it all over his chest, but the girl who started — She ate it off him.

RAY: That’s probably one of the dirtiest stories I’ve ever been told.

HEATHER: Seriously?

RAY: Yeah, it’s up there. How old were you?

HEATHER: We were all like 16 or 17.

RAY: Did your friend ever find out?

HEATHER: God no! Fuck, she would’ve been so mad. Does that make me seem really bad?

RAY: It makes you seem really… interesting.

HEATHER: [Laughs] Well that’s cool.

RAY: How do you feel about anal?

HEATHER: Anal will come… I have a plan. Maybe I’ll do it on my website. Know anybody who would be good at fucking my ass, Ray? [Laughs]

RAY: I might.

HEATHER: I bet. I’m going to hold out for a while. I want it to be really special.

RAY: That’s so romantic. What are some movies or websites that you’re proud of?

HEATHER: My most recent DVD was for Digital Sin, it’s called The Vouyer in Me. It’s a good scene. It was my first L.A. scene. I did it with James Deen. I’ve also got a website that I’m working on and I’m building content. It’s HeatherStarlet.com

[Skyla returns with Vivid-girl, Megan Mallone]

SKYLA: Hey Heather when y’all get done I need you to help me take a sponge out of my vagina!

HEATHER: I’m right on it. I’ll need you to document this, Ray. Heather Starlet heroically retrieving a bloody sponge from a fellow porn star.

MEGAN MALLONE: I think your asshole looks really good from this angle.

RAY: Mine?

HEATHER: I’m going to lick Megan’s asshole. She’s a cool chick.

RAY: Do you strip?

HEATHER: I danced briefly, but I didn’t like the shoes and it made me all bruised-up. I gotta keep my body nice.

RAY: Ever have fans try to contact you about dates?

HEATHER: Oh hell yeah. Some of them are really nice about it, but others are very disrespectful. “How much can I pay you to fuck me?” Shit like that.  It’s like — Become male talent, start a production company, and pay me my rate. It’s that simple!

RAY: It’s not that difficult, here in the land of the free.

HEATHER: Fuck yeah! And I’m not even jaded yet.

RAY: It’ll come.

HEATHER: No! I love sex. I hope that never happens.

RAY: Where can fans contact you?

HEATHER: myspace.com/heatherstarlet

RAY: Anything kinky you’re into?

HEATHER: I’m really get hot when a guy is into my feet. I love feet-rubbing. I take very good care of mine. I didn’t think I’d be into it, but I did a foot fetish scene with Evan Stone. He’s so cool to work with. It was really fucking hot. It always feels good when your feet get rubbed.

RAY: Would you consider yourself a very oral person?

HEATHER: I love giving oral. Girls and guys. I’m a total giver. I love to deep-throat a guy’s dick. I love pushing myself to new levels. I like getting it too, but I’m more into penetration. I love penis.

RAY: Why do you suppose you’re so into giving head?

HEATHER: I really like getting that reaction when I hit a spot that feels good, and they twitch, and I know I can do it over and over again and it just drives the person crazy. I love seeing their facial reactions.  Just knowing the fact that I’m getting them off really gets me hot.

RAY: Did your friend’s dad twitch?

HEATHER: [Laughs] Yes. Quite a bit!

To book Heather Starlet, contact Phil at macksmodels@gmail.com

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