Alexis Texas Interview

by Ray | March 28th, 2009

I call Alexis Texas.  She’s at the hardware store.

ALEXIS: I just moved into a house. I’m about to pick-out paint…

RAY: You’re on the cover of Cheri. Were you aware?

ALEXIS: Really? No, I didn’t know that.

RAY: They refer to you as Buttwoman.

ALEXIS: I did a video for Elegant Angel called Alexis Texas is Buttwoman.  It was my first anal scene.

RAY: So what color are you going with?

ALEXIS: Mushroom… Sort of a mushroomy-color.

RAY: What does it mean when Joanna Angel says she’s going to move out of her apartment and into your ass?

ALEXIS: [Laughs] You saw that on Twitter! You Twitter-bug. Well, we did a scene yesterday and I engulfed her entire face with my butt. I think I was suffocating her. You could see her eyes bugging-out. It was really hot. She told me she liked having her face in my ass. I told her I have some rooms for rent. The video was for New Sensations — A porn parody of the TV show Scrubs.

RAY: How long have you been in porn?

ALEXIS: Almost three years.

RAY: And this year, you’re nominated for the XRCO Award for performer of the year.

ALEXIS: I am! I’m very excited about it. That awards show is so fun!

RAY: How many videos have you done?

ALEXIS: My gosh… A lot! At least a hundred.

RAY: Any stand-outs?

ALEXIS: Buttwoman for sure. I do a lot of amazing stuff in that video — You should check it out. It’s me, Gianna, and Mark Ashley.

RAY: Had you done anal before in your personal life?

ALEXIS: Only a few times, and only with my boyfriend. It was fun. Different. I internalized a lot of it, but enjoyed it. I think that it came accross differently than most people would expect. I actually did another anal scene for Elegant Angel called Big Wet Asses #14.

RAY: Any websites?

ALEXIS: I did a really hot update for BangBros with Mariah Milano. Check it out on  I’m currently working on my own website — I signed a deal with I’m shooting content now for it, and hope to have it up and running in a couple of months. 

RAY: What do you like to do for fun?

ALEXIS: I play basketball. I like sports.

RAY: You’re quite tall.

ALEXIS: I’m 5’8″. So yeah, tall for porn. I like being outdoors and active. I hate being inside all the time. Recently, I just shot a video for Belladonna. She brought a bunch of hot girls up to Big Bear for a new movie called Cabin Fever. There were nine of us up there.

RAY: I saw some pictures from that on facebook. Lexi Belle posted them, I believe.

ALEXIS: Yeah! I love Lexi… She was a lot of fun. I got to bond with her — It was the first time we really got to hang out. She’s a cool girl.

RAY: Indeed. So how did you get into porn?

ALEXIS: I was a prodigy of the Shane’s World series.

RAY: You were recruited on campus?

ALEXIS: Not on campus — I worked in a bar in the college town they shot in. I was approached that way.

RAY: Where are you originally from?

ALEXIS: I was born in Panama, but I was raised in Texas — the San Antonio area. I’m a military brat. I was born on an Army base.

RAY: How old are you now?

ALEXIS: I’m 23. My birthday is May 25th.

RAY: What is your ethnicity?

ALEXIS: I’m Puerto-Rican, German, and Norweigan.

RAY: Are you wild in your personal life or just on camera?

ALEXIS: I’ve brought girls home… Is that considered wild? [Laughs]

RAY: For your boyfriend?

ALEXIS: Yes. I’ve brought girls home for both of us. Sharing is caring!

RAY: Has being in porn made it difficult to maintain a relationship?

ALEXIS: Well, he’s in the industry as well. He’s talent. My boyfriend is Mr. Pete. Because he also does porn, it makes things a lot easier. We both understand that what we do is just work. People outside of the industry don’t seem to get that. I enjoy what I do, and he respects my decisions. He doesn’t ever try to change me.

RAY: Did you meet on set?

ALEXIS: Not exactly. Penny Flame shot a big scene and we were there as atmosphere. We didn’t work together, but we met that day.

RAY: Ever have sex with somebody forbidden?

ALEXIS: Back in college. I guess it wasn’t really forbidden, but I was having sex with somebody in the athletic department.

RAY: Is there anything about porn you wish you could change?

ALEXIS: I hate the cliches. Just because we do porn, a lot of people think that we’re all on drugs and that we fuck anything that walks. I don’t like that. Why can’t we just do it because we like it?

RAY: Do you actually achieve orgasms during your scenes?

ALEXIS: I do! I’d say 80% of the time. I know my body so well now, that I can relax and enjoy myself during scenes.

RAY: What do you plan to do after porn?

ALEXIS: I’ve always told myself that I would do porn as long as I was still having fun. If I ever felt like it wasn’t fun any more, I would find another career. So I don’t really have a time frame, because I’m still enjoying myself. Later in life, I would love to open my own massage therapy/spa business.

RAY: Do you feature dance?

ALEXIS: I just recently started! I did my first show a few weeks ago in Baltimore. I had a really good time and plan on doing it more. I would like to do it at least once a month.

RAY: What motivates you to keep going with porn?

ALEXIS: I do porn because I love it. Of course, the money is really good, so that’s always an incintive. But I got involved originally because it gave me a chance to experiment with what I liked sexually. I’ve had so many “first experiences” with porn. I’ve been able to see what it’s like to have a threesome. I’ve been able to see what it’s like to be with a girl. Porn has given me the chance to open up and experiment, and find out what I like and dislike.

RAY: Where can your fans get in touch with you?

ALEXIS: On myspace. Don’t be fooled by impostors! [Laughs] My URL is

RAY: What do you like best about porn?

ALEXIS: The variety. You just never know what’s going to happen day-to-day. I’ve met so many cool people and gone to so many amazing places. It’s been a really fun opportunity. I’m young and enjoying myself!

RAY: Who are your favorite performers?

ALEXIS: James Deen, Mike Stefano, Kristina Rose, Joanna Angel, Brianna Banks, Tory Lane… I’m doing a nine girl orgy on Monday. Maybe you should check back with me then! [Laughs]

Alexis Texas videos are available at

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